The Top 10 Breaking Bad Scenes Of The Series!

s_bukley /

You miss the show, don’t you? You miss the thought of Breaking Bad returning for another season, with several more slices of “No they didn’t” / “WTF!?” Alas, there is no more.

However, there is Netflix, and hopefully, like so many shows (I started re-watching LOST again recently) the episodes will be around for reference and pleasure-viewing for many years to come. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for a long-lasting relationship between Netflix and AMC.

That stated, there are times when you need a quick fix Walter White. And for that quick fix–that 10 minutes you’re willing to offer for a quick injection of nostalgia–we’ve got a Top 10 Breaking Bad scene list just for you. And the list is in video form. No reading required!

Now, for you fine folks who have heard a lot about Breaking Bad, but have never watched the show…? This video is going to spoil a few things. That said, it’s also going to lasso your attention and desire to see the entire series from beginning to end. Breaking Bad was unique in that you’d think “upping the ante” as the seasons passed would become an impossibility. Sure, it was always highly improbable, but the fact that Vince Gilligan was willing to continually raise the stakes, and pull it off…? So impressive.

For fans of the show, you’ll find many favorite moments in the video below. Probably some moments you haven’t seen in years! If you feel there is something missing from this Top 10, you’re welcome to offer your commentary below!


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