Tila Tequila Claims Paul Walker Was Murdered

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Tila Tequila has made a bold claim: Paul Walker’s death was not merely due to a car accident, rather a ritualistic killing by a source of evildoers. According to Tequila–the lady, not the drink–these killers have been responsible for more that just Walker’s death over the past year.

The reality star hasn’t gone so far as to blame one organization for the death of Walker, but she did correlate his death to the mysterious death of Canadian woman, Elisa Lam. Lam died earlier this year in Los Angeles, when she was found in the Hotel Cecil rooftop cistern. According to Tequila, these deaths were both for specific cause, and were ritualistic killings. According to investigators, both were accidental.

Poor Tila. She has gone down a rabbit hole, and now she is unable to find her way out. In the past, she has suggested things like direct contact with members of the Illuminati, and has even stated that she fears for her life because she knows some of their secrets.

For you true conspiracy theorists, please don’t get in a huff. You won’t be made fun of here–especially those of you who present your theories steeped in undeniable “conspiracy evidence.” However, if your name is Tila Tequila, and/or you’re famous because of MySpace, perhaps you should cool it with all of the Illuminati talk.

Note to Tila: I wouldn’t be overly concerned. Considering your inability to form a clear, concise sentence when speaking on these matters, the Illuminati probably don’t see you as an overwhelming threat. Enjoy your life, sweetheart. 

If you’re as fascinated by this as we are, enjoy the video, and take in the full effect.

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