Top 10 Hilarious Will Ferrell Moments!

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.comWe know what you’re thinking: How can you possibly do a list of only TEN Will Ferrell moments?

The thought is shared; the feelings are mutual. It’s the just the way of the world wide web.

There are so many hilarious Will Ferrell moments, many of them coming before Ferrell was a household name, and a regular, recognizable face on billboards and posters the world over. You’ll notice within the following video that Ferrell’s days on Saturday Night Live deserve their own list. You could even devise a list of Will Ferrell Saturday Night Live sketches that made his fellow performers break character with laughter. Jimmy Fallon would probably be in every one of the sketches.

This list, is of course, in honor of Anchorman 2, which opens in theaters tomorrow, and may very well break some box office records for a comedy. It’s appreciated that director Adam McKay, and the cast were able to hang tight to the mindset that the film could stay in the PG-13 range. This allows it to appeal to the broadest audience possible, and maximize those profits for Paramount. With the success of The Hangover series, it seemed the writers/filmmakers might venture into the territory of “No one under 17 admitted without a parent or guardian.” So, all you teenage whipper snappers, you don’t even have to sneak in!

Understandably, this list was hard to come by, and there are few honorable mentions in the video below.


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