Tori Spelling Tells Dean She “Feels Pregnant”

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Actress and reality star Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott have been struggling in their relationship since Dean revealed he cheated on her.

Although the two are still together, it has been hard for them, and would only get more complicated if Tori is in fact pregnant again.

The scene in which Tori tells Dean, “This is going to sound crazy. I feel like I’m pregnant,” is from a sneak peek for season two of her reality show True Tori, so the huge statement may just be a draw for people to watch the show when the new season starts this week.

However, along with a possible baby for the rocky couple who already have four young children together, the sneak peek reveals a lot of other dramatic information prime for reality TV.

Tori goes on a lunch date with Dean’s ex-wife whom Dean cheated on with Tori ending their marriage.

In fact, both Dean and Tori who have been together since 2006 were married to other people when they met and Tori admitted they slept together the first night meaning they are both cheaters.

Tori’s reaction to Dean cheating on her is even more complicated by this fact, because at one point she was the other woman, stating in the preview, “I know a lot of people are like, ‘well, karma’s a bitch'”.

Many people also speculate the entire affair is fabricated in order to produce the reality show to support the couple who were struggling financially before this all occurred. The second season premiere’s Tuesday October 21.

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