Watch Gwyneth Paltrow Bust A Move

Helga Esteb /

Gwyneth Paltrow always looks flawless — so what’s her secret?

“Consistency and discipline,” she told a reporter, explaining that you can’t get a perfect figure just by doing a cleanse or a fast here or there.

Known for her healthy eating habits, constant exercise and facial procedures such as chemical peels, the 42 year-old actress is featured in a new dance video from trainer Tracy Anderson.

Wearing a sports bra and slouchy sweat pants, the Iron Man star busted a move while showing off her amazing, completely flat and toned mid-section. Check out the video to see her dance workout!

“We are so happy we let you into our workouts!” Tracy wrote as a caption to the Instagram video. “Something you may not know about us… @gwynethpaltrow and I love moving with you MORE! Hope you had as much fun sweating today as we did!”

Gwyneth has been serious about exercise and living healthy ever since her father passed away from throat cancer at 58. “All I’ve learned about nutrition and health came from his cancer,” she said in an interview. “I’ll probably have a long and healthy life because he didn’t.”

It’s clear that whatever Gwyneth is doing is working! It helps that Tracy’s dance workout looks like a lot of fun.


Amanda Young