Which Guest Did Chelsea Handler Hate The Most?

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Chelsea Handler is done and done with Chelsea Lately, but she’s still game to reminisce if the mood is right. And when she gets around buddies like Dave Grohl, the mood is always right.

If you’ll remember, Dave was one of the mountain of celebrities that showed up for the Chelsea Lately finale, and sang a line in the parody of We Are The World. Recently, Chelsea and Dave sat down to rap about anything and everything on SiriusXM Satellite Radio, and during the interview, which was really more a chit-chat, the two reminisced about the finale, and Chelsea let loose about the show in general.

It was great to see Chelsea unplugged, and uninhibited. “Isn’t she always uninhibited,” you ask? You’d be surprised. Frankly, she was quite leashed when doing her talk show for E! Entertainment, and while she’d say what she felt like saying, she knew that there were repercussions to saying certain things she would say. Now, she can say whatever she wants.

And there are a host of people she didn’t enjoy interviewing on her show. This list starts with anyone on reality television. To be fair, she doesn’t hate everyone on reality TV, but she hates reality TV in general. Sadly, Chelsea knew her first major compromise would be welcoming these “stars” as guests on her show to help bump the ratings, and score new viewers. And if there was one guest that she hated interviewing more than any other? Tila Tequila.

Chelsea referred to Tila as “gross,” and the the entire experience as one she could have done without.

If you want to see more of Chelsea and Dave chat about the show’s epic finale, check out the video below!


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