Why Justin Bieber Is Upset With Selena Gomez’s New Song

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Taylor Swift was impressed by Selena Gomez’s performance of “The Heart Wants What it Wants” at the American Music Awards, even displaying tears — but Justin Bieber is not so supportive.

Justin, 20, is said to be the subject of the song, as he and Selena have long had a turbulent, on-again off-again romance. “I’m hoping that after this fever I’ll survive,” she sings in the song. I know I’m acting a bit crazy, strung out, a little bit hazy, hand over heart, I’m praying that I’m gonna make it out alive.”

And here’s the line that really makes the song sound like it’s about Justin: “There’s a million reasons why I should give you up, but the heart wants what it wants.”

“Justin thinks Selena was exploiting their relationship by being so dramatic on stage and making it seem like he’s the heartbreaker in all of this,” an insider told Hollywood Life. “At first he wanted to go to the show but then his team convinced him not to go because they said he would look like a fool.”

The source continued: “Instead, he went to New York to listen to a popular preacher. Every time he gets too preoccupied with Selena, he throws himself into religion. He has not even reached out to Selena yet to congratulate her on her performance.”

Religion is important to Selena, too; she even thanked Jesus at the end of her performance (though some fans intially thought she was whispering “Justin”).

Did Selena go too far in airing their dirty laundry? Or is it all fair game since Justin was sometimes a bad boyfriend?

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