10 Male Stars Who Are Hotter Now Than in Their 20’s

While most men seem to hit peak hotness in their mid to late 20’s, some men just get more and more attractive as they reach their 40’s and 50’s. Maybe it’s the loss of baby fat revealing their bone structure, or their distinguished graying hair, or the look of cool experience in their eyes. No matter the reason, it’s clear that nature has treated these guys well!

1. Will Smith, 45

Smith was cute in the 80’s sit-com The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but over the years he’s become a better and more serious actor as well as a hotter guy. His dedication to his family and involvement in his childrens’ careers make him seem like the kind of man anyone would like to get to know. He is one of Hollywood’s busiest actors.

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2. Johnny Depp, 50

Over the years Johnny Depp has appeared a wide range of quirky and unusual parts, often in full makeup that disguises his astonishing hotness. His work with Tim Burton and other directors has kept his career on the fast track and given him the chance to play a wide range of wacky characters, from Willy Wonka and The Mad Hatter to The Pirates of the Caribbean’s hilarious Jack Sparrow.

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3. George Clooney, 52

Clooney is famed as a sex-symbol to women of all ages. First garnering fame as a moody young doctor in the 90’s medical drama ER, Clooney’s career has sky-rocketed in the years since. Today, his silvered hair, smoky eyes and wide, sexy smile make him irresistible to the opposite sex. He is also deeply involved in humanitarian projects.

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4. Javier Bardem, 44

Spanish actor Bardem is one of those men who look better with the lines and crags that age brings. He is a versatile actor, garnering awards and considerable critical respect. He is also noted for his willingness to play unattractive characters, often with bizarre hairstyles. This confidence only adds to his sex appeal.

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5. Ryan Gosling, 32

He was an adorable child actor and a good-looking young man, but Gosling has really hit his stride in his 30’s. He appears in the Internet “Hey Girl” memes as a quintessentially hunky guy, melting women’s hearts with his penetrating gaze. He shows every sign of getting better looking in his 40’s and 50’s.

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6. Brad Pitt, 49

The world can’t get enough of Pitt, who has rarely been out of the public eye since his role in 1991’s Thelma and Louise. His fresh but rugged good looks make him hard to ignore. Equally comfortable in action films and serious dramas, Pitt is beloved for his flexibility as well as his devotion to his family. Referred to often as “Brangelina,” Pitt and his partner Angelina Jolie are some of America’s favorite celebrities.

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7. Denzel Washington, 58

It’s hard to believe Washington is almost in his 60’s, because his career is at its peak and he is more attractive than ever. Known for his steely gaze and muscled physique, Washington is one of Hollywood’s favorite action heroes. He can act on stage as well as in film, appearing in Shakespeare productions to great acclaim.

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8. Hugh Jackman, 45

Australian Jackman is noted for his role as Wolverine in the X-Men, a part that takes advantage of his incredible, chiseled body. He is not all brawn and no brains, though; Jackman earned a Golden Globe for his starring role in Les Miserables. While we might hope he continues to play Wolverine forever, there have been rumors that he’ll soon hang up his claws and focus on more human roles.

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9. Robert Downey Jr., 48

Robert Downey Jr. has progressed in the public eye from the pretty young hunk who starred in Less Than Zero, to a drug-addicted wreck in the late 90’s, to his current state: a blockbuster star and deliciously handsome gentleman. The world knew Downey was truly back when he gave a virtuoso performance as Tony Stark in 2008’s Iron Man.

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10. Daniel Craig, 45

Craig was a good-looking, if mostly unknown, actor in his 20’s, but he really came into his own as the star of the newest James Bond movies. In addition to his depth and complexity as an actor, his riveting blue eyes and ripped physique brought a refreshing new look to the franchise.

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Fame 10 Staff

Fame 10 Staff