12 Famous Families Completely Destroyed By Fame!

Fame and notoriety aren’t always as good thing – and these families can prove it! Sure, most families have their ups and downs but fame made these celebrity families completely fall apart.  Here are 12 famous families that were destroyed by fame!

12. The Cyrus Family

Members of the Cyrus family were instant celebrities when Billy Ray and Miley starred on the show “Hannah Montana;” however, it didn’t take long for things to sour. After Miley posed topless in Vanity Fair and was later caught smoking marijuana, people started to wonder what went wrong. Billy Ray – after filing for divorce from Miley’s mother Tisch – blamed the success of the show for the family’s problems.

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11. Robin Thicke

After the success of his controversial hit “Blurred Lines, Robin Thicke became a household name; however, with more exposure, came cheating allegations, which ending up leading to the breakdown of his marriage with Paula Patton. The two were high school sweethearts – until fame ultimately drove them apart.

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10. The Simpson Family

Fame ruined Jessica Simpson’s relationship with her former hubby Nick Lachey and it looks like it did the same thing to her parents’ marriage as well. Her father Joe was allegedly caught having an affair with a twenty something gay man and, after splitting from his wife of 35 years, he has been photographed in the company of young men on countless occasions.

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9. Miranda Kerr

According to Miranda Kerr’s family, fame has soured their relationship with their daughter. Earlier this year, her parents said that they hadn’t seen their daughter or their grandson Flynn in a year and they heard about her marital separation from her estranged husband Orlando Bloom. “Miranda’s life is so different now [and] she’s surrounded by ‘yes’ people all the time,” Miranda’s mother said. Sad.

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8. Teresa Giudice

Even though Teresa Giudice seems to love the fame that comes along with being on the “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” she claims that it has ruined her relationship with her brother. “I haven’t spoken to my brother in over a year. And I hear that fame ruins a family, and it has ruined my family,” the reality TV star said.

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7. The Jackson Family

The Jackson siblings rose to fame when they were performing as the Jackson 5; however, Michael became the most famous and most successful of the bunch. His family is rumored to have used him like an ATM machine and, while he was alive, his brother Jermaine secured a deal for a “tell-all” book with a New York publisher. His relationship with his family was damaged irreparably as a result.

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6. The Phillips Family

With John Phillips, fame led to drug abuse and, according to his daughter Mackenzie Phillips, drug abuse led him having an incestuous relationship with her for about a decade. Most of her family was not happy when she told the world about the relationship. In fact, her stepmother Michelle Phillips said that Mackenzie had “a lot of mental illness” and that “she’s had a needle stuck up her arm for 35 years.”

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5. LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes – whose parents split up a year after she sky-rocked to fame – filed a lawsuit against her father and her former manager when she was 17, claiming that they had taken more than $7 million from her. The country singer also alleged that both men took unreasonable fees and took advantage of her label, Asylum-Curb, for financial gain.

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4. The Lohan Family

The Lohans are considered one of the most dysfunctional families in Hollywood. Even though there was an excessive amount of drama before Lindsay became a celebrity, fame only exacerbated this. The family has been using the media as a way to publicly attack one another for years. “I think everyone kind of knows that my father’s main objective had always been to destroy my mom,” the troubled starlet told TMZ.

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3. The Hogan Family

When “Hogan Knows Best” debuted on VH1, the show was an instant success. Unfortunately, the Hogan family couldn’t handle the fame. After only two seasons, the show was canceled because of the family’s problems. Nick had caused a car accident that left his friend/passenger on life support with severe brain injuries; Hulk cheated on Linda with one of his daughter’s friends; and Linda ended up filing for divorce.

2. The Carter Family

According to Nick Carter, life at home was pretty rocky before he and his brother Aaron became international superstars in the ‘90s; however, making it big didn’t make things easy. As Nick struggled with alcohol and drug abuse, he wasn’t the best role model for his brothers and sisters. Aaron ended up having similar struggles and their sister Leslie ended up fatally overdosing.

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1. The Gosselin Family

Jon and Kate Gosselin’s marriage already seemed strained when they landed the reality TV show “Jon & Kate Plus 8;” however, once their family became famous, Jon and Kate’s marriage quickly fell apart, which led both parties to publicly attack one another. While the couple’s 13-year-old twins have said that they are well adjusted, this remains to be seen.

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