Stunning Soap Opera Affairs

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Watching two major soap opera characters fall in love makes for good daytime drama and watching another character place a wedge between a couple can be downright entertaining. While most soap opera fans love a good romance, some of the best types of storylines are those that center around affairs. As such, below are stunning soap opera affairs!

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15. Days’ E.J. DiMera and Abigail Deveraux

In late 2013 when Abigail’s cousin Nick went missing, she came very close to finding out that Kate, Gabi, and Sami threw him in a river and left him to perish. I use the word “close” because E.J. followed Abigail up to the Horton cabin, and in an effort to protect Sami, he tried to convince her to stay quiet. The two would fight and then end up in bed together. They’d also do the deed in a hospital supply closet once again. E.J. seduced Abigail both times to keep her mouth shut, in essence for Sami, but Sami didn’t see it this way when she found out about their romps.

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14. Y&R’s Phillip Chancellor II and Jill Fenmore

Digging back into the Young and the Restless (Y&R) history vault, we come up with a gem of an affair. Back in the mid-70s, Jill was a poor and innocent girl who was quickly befriended by rich and powerful Katherine Chancellor. She would become her paid companion and the socialite’s BFF; however, Jill would also turn the eyes of Kay’s husband Phillip. The two had an affair which produced a son. The affair would also result in one of the best soap opera rivalries in history between Jill and Katherine, which would span decades.

13. GH’s Sonny and Carly Corinthos

Carly and Sonny are one of those couples that naturally gravitate towards each other. Even when they are not together, fans expect it’s only a matter of time before they reunite. While Carly was engaged in a roller coaster of a relationship with Jax, she would have not only one but three one-night stands at various times within her marriage to Jax. No wonder they didn’t last!

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12. Days’ Daniel Jonas and Chloe Lane

Chloe and Lucas are once again diving into the idea of a relationship; however, this isn’t the first time these two have tried the couple thing. Back in 2009, they were a pretty hot item, until Chloe noticed the good doctor, Daniel Jonas. While Chloe and Daniel tried to fight their attraction for each other, the two would sleep together the day after Chloe and Lucas’ engagement party. What’s even worse – they’d maintain an affair even after Chloe and Lucas got hitched.

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11. Y&R’s Billy Abbott and Phyllis Summers

The wounds are just starting to heal when it comes to Billy and Phyllis’ affair. While they are a bona fide couple now, it was utterly stunning when Billy stole his older brother’s wife months back. It’s always shocking when affairs are kept all in the family. Jack has gotten over Phyllis, but the entire affair still does get under his skin.

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10. GH’s Dante Falconeri and Valerie Spencer

Speaking of keeping it all in the family, no GH fan would have ever guessed that anything or anyone could come between super couple Lulu and Dante. Because of this, audiences were surprised when Dante had an affair with Lulu’s cousin, Valerie Spencer. It’s never good news when your husband cheats on you, but the silver lining is that Dante and Lulu were able to get past it all.

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9. AW’s Evan Frame and Amanda Cory

Who else misses Another World (AW)? In the late 1980s, Sam Fowler and Amanda Cory were the show’s super couple and the two made a cute pair, along with daughter Alli. Sadly, Amanda’s corporate colleague Evan Frame would drive a wedge between the couple when he worked hard to seduce Amanda and break her marriage up.

8. Days’ E.J. DiMera and Sami Brady

While they made an incredible super couple in their heyday, E.J. and Sami were mortal enemies for years. Which made their one-night stand while she was married to Rafe Hernandez shocking, to say the least. E.J. and Sami were at odds at this point in time; however, when their son Johnny went missing and they thought he had perished, the two slept together in a stupid moment, out of grief. The affair tore her relationship apart with Rafe and son Will, who caught them in the act.

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7. Y&R’s Billy Abbott and Sharon Newman

In 2009, these two engaged in a crazy affair that came out of the blue. Sharon was going through some mental health issues and turned to many men at this point in time, Billy being one of them. Their affair would not only shock Genoa City, but Nick Newman and Jack Abbott, two other former loves she had been within those recent weeks. When Sharon ended up pregnant, her life turned into a Maury Povich episode where she had three potential candidates who could be her baby’s daddy.

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6. GH’s Nikolas Cassadine and Elizabeth Webber

These two have had a special bond over the years, with a friendship that has grown since they were teenagers. Moreover, the fact that Nikolas was with Liz’s BFF when Emily died, the two eventually became each other’s best friend. On top of all that, Nikolas is an uncle to all of Emily’s children, as Lucky has acted as father to all three, despite only being bio dad to one of them. Therefore, it was stunning when they let their attraction take over and the two engaged in an affair in 2009.

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5. Days’ Bill Horton and Kate Roberts

Digging back in Salem’s history comes a crazy and stunning soap opera affair on Days. While Bill Horton was seemingly in a happy relationship with Laura, co-worker, Kate Roberts turned his eye in the late 1970s. He even left Laura for a bit to live with Kate but realized in the long run that he missed his wife. The entire ordeal would leave Laura feeling betrayed, heartbroken, and she was eventually committed. The affair would also produce a son, Lucas Horton, and it took decades for this little secret to come to the surface.

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4. Y&R’s Jack Abbott and Jill Fenmore

While Jack recently had his wife stolen from him by his little brother Billy, he had no real room to judge. After all, Jack was obsessed with Jill in the early 1980s, a woman who also happened to be his father’s wife at that point in time. The two ended up having an affair behind John Abbott’s back, and their relationship rocked the entire family.

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3. GH’s Frisco Jones and Felicia Scorpio

Frisco and Felicia were a huge super couple on GH back in the late 1980s, early 1990s. While Felicia adored Frisco, Frisco seemed more preoccupied with spy work than raising a family. He left her and Maxie for the WSB agency in 1993, and Felicia would fall in love with Mac Scorpio. In fact, the two had incredible chemistry and Mac would eventually propose. Sadly, a young Maxie would be diagnosed with a heart condition, bringing Frisco back to Port Charles. While she was given a heart transplant, said heart belonged to their beloved niece, B.J. The shock of it all caused an emotional Felicia to have an affair with Frisco while he was in town, causing her and Mac to break up.

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2. Days’ John Black and Marlena Evans

John and Marlena have become a Days’ super couple staple on the show over the years, and the two are still so passionately in love. This wasn’t always the case, as Marlena initially had a fantastic relationship with Roman Brady. Sadly, thanks to Stefano DiMera, Roman would go missing in 1984. In 1985, John Black would appear on the Salem scene, believing he was Roman, and Marlena was ecstatic. That happiness would turn into confusion by 1991, when the real Roman Brady returned, exposing Black as Pawn. Marlena would try to reconcile with Roman, but her heart clearly belonged to Black. The two would engage in an affair, which shocked the entire Brady clan. Even crazier, her daughter Sami caught the two in the act. Things have all settled down over the years, but the affair was a shocking one for its time, with little Belle Black thinking she was a Brady in the early years.

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1. Y&R’s Nick Newman and Phyllis Summers

Genoa City was rocked to its very core when Nick and Phyllis began their crazy affair. They were on odd coupling but had a tremendous amount of chemistry together. Nick and Phyllis’ affair would break up two marriages and launched a paternity test around Phyllis’ unborn child at the time. As we all know, Summer ended up being Nick’s; however, the entire ordeal made for some excellent drama and entertainment.

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