18 Shocking Stars You Never Knew Went To Rehab!

Some celebrities are known for their constant and very public stints in rehab; however, there are other celebrities who seek treatment for various addictions that you wouldn’t suspect. We have created a list of 18 shocking stars you never knew went to rehab!

18. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck voluntarily checked himself into Malibu-based Promises for alcohol abuse back in 2001. “Ben is a self-aware and smart man who has decided that a fuller life awaits him without alcohol. He has chosen to seek out professional assistance and is committed to traveling a healthier road with the support of his family, friends and fans,” the actor’s publicist said.

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17. Robin Williams

Robin Williams has struggled with substance abuse over the years. Six months before his son was born in 1983, the actor/comedian quit cocaine and alcohol; however, after 20 years of sobriety, he found himself drinking again so, in 2006, he  checked himself into a substance abuse rehabilitation center to seek treatment for alcoholism.

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16. Aaron Carter

In 2011, Aaron Carter checked into the Betty Ford Centre “to heal some emotional and spiritual issues he was dealing with.” Rumor has it that the singer was actually seeking treatment for an addiction to Xanax, but the speculation has not been confirmed.

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15. Gerard Butler

In 2012, Gerard Butler spent three weeks at the Betty Ford Center. According to the actor, he didn’t go to rehab for alcohol abuse and instead checked into a pain management program after being injured in a surfing accident while shooting “Chasing Mavericks.”

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14. Philip Seymour Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman checked into rehab in 2013 for a 10-day detox after snorting heroin. The actor has had problems with substance abuse in the past, but he had kicked the habit for 23 years until his relapse a couple of years ago, which began with prescription pills and escalated into snorting heroin.

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13. LeAnn Rimes

In 2012, LeAnn Rimes entered a rehab facility for anxiety and stress. “People said I was anorexic, but I didn’t have a problem with eating as I ate a ton all the time. But I was going through a time when I just wasn’t sleeping – my mind wouldn’t shut off and my heart was breaking,” the country singer said.

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12. Seann William Scott

Seann William Scott entered an undisclosed treatment facility in 2011 for “health and personal issues.” The actor has never divulged on why he went to rehab and has only made jokes when asked. “I was addicted to watching my own movies. I would watch ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ on loop. At one point I had 30 televisions in my bedroom and I would watch it over and over.”

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11. Catherine Zeta-Jones

In 2013, Catherine Zeta-Jones checked herself into a treatment facility to get more help for her bipolar disorder. The actress had completed a stint at a treatment center in 2011 which, according to her representative, was for the same thing.

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10. Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry – who has struggled with depression, alcohol and prescription drug abuse – has been to rehab multiple times. In 1997, he completed a 28-day program for a Vicodin addiction and, in 2001, he entered rehab to treat an addiction to opioids, amphetamines and alcohol. In 2011, the “Friends” actor went back to rehab to “focus on [his] sobriety and continue [his] life in recovery.”

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9. A.J. McLean

A.J. McLean – a member of the Backstreet Boys – has struggled with drug and alcohol abuse for years. He has been in and out of rehab since 2001 and his latest stint was in 2011. Staying sober is a constant struggle for McLean. “I will forever be an alcoholic and an addict in recovery as long as I live. It’s an ongoing struggle, a daily thing.”

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8. Mary Kate Olsen

In 2004, Mary Kate Olsen checked into rehab to treat an eating disorder. It was rumored that the pint-sized actress/businesswoman also had a drug problem, but Olsen’s publicist vehemently denied this claim.

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7. Winona Ryder

In 2002, after Winona Ryder was sentenced for shoplifting, she was ordered to undergo drug and psychological counseling because she was found with oxycodone, diazepam and Vicodin without valid prescriptions.

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6. David Duchovny

Back in 2008, David Duchovny – who plays oversexed Hank Moody on “Californication” – went to rehab to treat a sex addiction. Rumor has it that his wife at the time Tea Leoni found out about his indiscretions and threatened to divorce him unless he sought help.

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5. Mischa Barton

When Mischa Barton got a DUI back in 2007, she quietly snuck away to rehab to get a lighter sentence. “I wanted to prove to the court that I would take it completely seriously, so I went to rehab to prove I was sober. It really helped in getting the more serious aspects of my case dropped because, you know, that’s what they want to hear; you’re not an alcoholic and you don’t have a problem. I just did the program and got through it,” the actress told Marie Claire’s British edition.

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4. Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Since 2005, Jonathan Rhys Meyers has been in out of rehab for alcohol addiction and he has also been arrested or detained for several drunken brawls. The last time the actor checked into rehab was in May 2011.

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3. Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst sought help at the Cirque Lodge Treatment Centre in Utah back in 2008. “I didn’t go to Cirque Lodge for alcohol abuse or drug abuse,” Dunst told E!. “I went there for depression.”

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2. Eric Dane

Eric Dane checked into a 30-day inpatient rehab center to treat his addiction to pain killers in 2011. Apparently the actor had a back injury and developed a dependence on pain medication.

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1. Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes spent several weeks at Utah’s Cirque Lodge, a facility that specializes in substance-abuse problems, in 2008 to address “some personal issues.” The actress has never disclosed any details about why she sought help because she doesn’t want to hurt her mother with the details.

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