5 Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (March 13th)


It’s important to note, The Young and the Restless (Y&R) will not be on March 16 and 17 due to March Madness. But don’t lose hope Y&R fans! Despite this being a three-episode week, there is plenty of drama in store! Cane gets a little drunk and makes a bad life choice, Lily has a stalker and Jill turns to Nikki. Learn more about these Y&R storylines and more in the below spoilers for the week of March 13th.

5. Celebration Goes Too Far

Cane and Juliet score their deal in Tokyo and boss lady Vicky encourages the two to celebrate. Sadly, they go overboard. Cane drinks way too much, forcing Juliet to help him back to his room. This is where everything takes a turn for the wrong. Things get steamy, Cane wakes up (with a hangover), and notices Juliet’s earring in the bed. While he doesn’t remember what happened, Juliet will assure him that whatever happened in Tokyo will stay there, but Cane will feel quite upset about the fact that he has cheated on Lily.

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4. Lily Has A Stalker

As Cane is away, Lily will head to an event at the athletic club. Sadly, a stalker invades her suite and will insist on taking selfies. Jordan will save the day for Lily, but this stalker storyline is far from over. Future spoilers indicate the stalker will soon show up at Lily’s home, hang outside her house and try and take photos of her. As Cane is in Tokyo, he won’t be around to save the day. It seems that Jordan may be Lily’s hero once again.

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3. Scott Suppresses His Feelings

Scott is not in the mood for chatting it up with anyone this week and she tries to bury the trauma his kidnapping caused. Lauren worries about her son and turns to Phyllis for help. Scott is not too surprised by his mother’s actions. The good news is, Phyllis and Scott get acquainted and seem at ease with each other. In other news, Victor becomes someone Lauren confides in this week and Victoria has a confrontation with her son, Reed.


2. YR Couples

While some Y&R fans love these two, it might be divorce time for Devon and Hilary. It seems Hilary tells Devon exactly what she wants when it comes to their divorce settlement this week. As all this is going on, Devon starts to re-think this whole ‘divorce’ thing after all. Meanwhile, Ashley starts to see Ravi in a new light after a night at the opera.


1. More Y&R Spoilers!

As Jill struggles with recovery, she turns to Nikki (of all people) for support. Gloria is given some ground rules by Jack, in regards to their relationship.


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