7 Male Celebrities Who Wouldn’t Get Hot Women If They Weren’t Famous

Some men in Hollywood are pretty repugnant. In spite of their obvious deficiencies, however, they manage to snag some of the hottest and most talented women out there. When we first looked at the issue, it made absolutely no sense to us how these women would find these men attractive but, after careful consideration, we finally began to see what is going on. These women like these men because they are famous. If these guys weren’t, these women wouldn’t have anything to do with them. Who knew that fame could be such a powerful aphrodisiac. Check out 7 male celebrities who wouldn’t get hot women if they weren’t famous!

7. Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf is a rather odd-looking man who happens to have a reputation for drinking heavily and getting into trouble. He has been busted for trespassing, DUI and plagiarism. In spite of his many issues, he has dated some of the hottest women in the business. He had a year long relationship with Carey Mulligan and he reportedly also hooked up with Megan Fox. We definitely don’t see his appeal. The only thing that makes sense to us is that he landed them because he’s famous.

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6. Bruce Willis

We’re sure Bruce Willis is a really nice guy; however, when it comes to looks, his aren’t especially appealing. He is bald with a large chin and a big forehead. His poor daughters ended up looking more like him than their mother Demi Moore, which is sad given how pretty she is. After Willis’ relationship ended with Moore, he went on to bag someone even younger and more beautiful, Emma Heming. If this relationship were to fall apart, he could easily get another young, gorgeous wife. Why? Cause he’s Bruce Willis, the movie star.

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5. Sean Penn

Sean Penn is really talented; however, in the looks department, he doesn’t have much going on and he comes off as being a really angry, temperamental guy, which is so not sexy. In spite of all of his shortcomings, he has somehow landed some of Hollywood’s hottest ladies, including a young Madonna, Robin Wright, Scarlett Johansson and now Charlize Theron. We really don’t know what these women see in him. If Penn wasn’t this Oscar-winning actor and talented director, we think that these women wouldn’t have given him a second look.

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4. Leonardo DiCaprio

There are times when Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t hard to look at; however, he lets himself go a little too often. When he decides to stop caring about his appearance, it’s awful. He stops shaving and grows a lot facial hair and he stops exercising and starts sporting a gut. Even when the Oscar-nominated actor looks this way, he still gets his top choice of whichever Victoria’s Secret models he wants. Something tells us that if he weren’t Leonardo DiCaprio, these hot ladies would definitely reject him.

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3. Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin has had a number of really beautiful girlfriends, one of them being Mila Kunis. All men want her, but the former child star is the one who got to date her – for almost nine years. We don’t really know what she saw in him. Culkin isn’t especially attractive physically and the brief glimpses that we’ve been allowed into his life make him seem like a bit of a weirdo. After he and Kunis broke up, he quickly moved onto one her lookalikes. Culkin’s just another star who can get a beautiful girlfriend because he’s famous.

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2. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is incredibly spoiled and entitled, not to mention annoying. He gets away with behaving ridiculously because of who he is and he also gets all kinds of hot women for the same reason. Even if things don’t work out with Selena Gomez, some other hot young celebrity will take her place in his life. If Bieber weren’t famous, we aren’t convinced that attractive women would flock to him the way they do. We think they would see him for what he really is – an ill-mannered man-child.

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1. Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner has been hooking up with young, hot women since the 1950s. Even though he keeps getting older and more and more frail, his girlfriends seem to stay young and sexy. He has been pretty lucky. During his 80s, he has been with more hot 20-somethings than most men in their 20s. From what we know, many of these women have been interested in Hef because he can help them get into Playboy and some form of fame. Why else would a 20-something date or marry a geriatric?

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