7 Stars Who Can’t Stay Sober

There are some stars in Hollywood who just can’t seem to stay sober. Even though many of them have been to rehab and have suffered professionally for their addictions, they just haven’t been able to stay on the wagon. While this has at times been entertaining, eventually it becomes concerning. We decided to see which stars in Hollywood have serious drug and/or alcohol addictions and find out who has had the most trouble staying on the straight and narrow. While some of these stars have developed reputations as wild partiers, others have managed to keep a lower profile.

7. Tara Reid

Tara Reid has become well known for her wild partying. Despite going to rehab in 2009, the former starlet hasn’t been able to get her act together. While she was briefly able to stay on the straight and narrow, it took her about a year to fall back into her wild ways. To this day, Reid can’t resist getting completely wasted at any and every party and getting carried out by a friend or a random guy has definitely become part of her protocol.

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6. Scott Disick

Scott Disick is known for two things: Being the boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian and for his wild partying ways, although we personally think he is better known for the latter. On “Keeping Up With the Kardahians” and on the family’s various spin-off series, Lord Disick’s partying plays a central role. Kourtney has kicked him out numerous times over it; however, he doesn’t seem capable of changing. Scott proved once again that he and alcohol don’t mix when he was recently hospitalized for alcohol poisoning during his birthday celebrations.

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5. Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson has struggled with alcoholism for years; however, his struggle didn’t become public until he was arrested in 2006 for driving under the influence. When the Oscar-winning director was pulled over, he was belligerent and went on an anti-Jewish tirade. Most of Hollywood turned their backs on him after this incident. While some claim that Gibson has been sober since his DUI arrest, others believe that he’s fallen off the wagon again since.

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4. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has been sent to rehab on six separate occasions; however, after each stay, she quickly falls back into her wild ways. The former teen queen has become a younger version of Tara Reid. She claims to want her career back, but her addiction to alcohol and drugs makes that completely impossible. The troubled starlet recently gave up pretending that she is sober. She is currently on a bender in Europe.

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3. Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen has struggled with drug and alcohol addiction issues since the ‘80s when he was first establishing himself as a leading actor in Hollywood. While he has enjoyed some brief periods of sobriety, the “Anger Management” star has difficulty staying on the wagon. “I don’t believe in rehab anymore. It’s not for me,” Sheen said. “It’s not a one size fits all…We live in a country where it’s always Miller Time. It’s happy hour somewhere in the world.”

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2. Brooke Mueller

Brooke Mueller has struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for years. Even though she has been to rehab over 20 times, she never seems wholly committed to sobriety. Charlie Sheen’s troubled ex wife’s drug use was reported to be so bad that she was twice treated in rehab while she was pregnant with the couple’s four-year-old twins Bob and Max. Her drug abuse was so bad last year that she was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold and lost custody of her two sons.

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1. Kiefer Sutherland

It doesn’t seem as though Kiefer Sutherland is able to conquer his alcohol addiction. He has had numerous DUIs; however, he continues to drink heavily. The troubled actor has gotten so blitzed that he has taken off his pants in a pub, head-butted a fashion designer, been kicked out of a London strip club and attacked a Christmas tree. According to Freddie Prince Jr., Sutherland would show up on the set of “24” drunk and impossible to deal with. Yikes!

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