9 Really Hot Celebrities With Zero Talent!

The celebrities featured on the list below are known more for their sultry good looks than for their amazing acting abilities! Hollywood is a pretty fickle place and success and beauty seem to go hand-in-hand! We’ve compiled a list of 9 hot celebrities who have managed to sustain successful Hollywood careers despite having no real talent. Take a look…

9. Kim Kardashian

Barbara Walters once grilled Kim Kardashian over why she was famous. “You don’t really act; you don’t sing; you don’t dance…You don’t have any — forgive me — any talent!” Kardashian seems to understand her predicament and responded by saying that is more difficult to “get people to fall in love with you for being you.” It must be, because everyone seems to prefer her sister Khloe!

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8. Paris Hilton

Like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton is famous for one thing – and it has nothing to do with talent. While she was on “The Simple Life,” it became abundantly clear that Hilton was nothing more than a pretty face and that her pal Nicole Richie was actually the funny one. Hilton’s last attempt at reality television – “The World According to Paris” – totally bombed and, since then, she seems to have given up on Hollywood altogether.

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7. Hayden Christensen

Hayden Christensen’s performance in the “The Clone Wars” and “Revenge of the Sith” from the “Star Wars” franchise earned him two Razzie Awards for Worst Supporting Actor at the 2002 and 2005 Golden Raspberry Awards. The dialogue was pretty bad in these movies, but Christensen’s performance was apparently worse! Since then, his career has been pretty much non-existent.

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6. Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth’s only real claim to fame is that she looks good in clothes. It has been a decade since she was in “Blue Crush” – the only mainstream film that she’s really been in – and, since then, she has been involved in very few notable projects. Sources say that Bosworth actually makes the majority of her income through public appearances!

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5. Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner is best known for his portrayal of Jacob in the “Twilight” franchise and, of course, for his brief relationship with Taylor Swift. Although Lautner hasn’t been involved in many films, he has already been nominated for six Golden Raspberry Awards – and he has won two of them!

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4. January Jones

January Jones has received a lot of criticism for her portrayal of Betty Draper on “Mad Men.” She doesn’t seem to add a lot of life to the role and tends to come as off as stiff, unconvincing and completely one dimensional; however, everyone will agree that physically she looks the part! It is just a shame that she doesn’t have the talent to back it up!

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3. Megan Fox

No one will deny that Megan Fox is one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood; however, when it comes to whether or not she is talented, the jury is still out! Considering that her audition for “Transformers” included her washing Michael Bay’s Ferrari in a bikini, it is easy to think that Fox is far better looking than she is talented.

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2. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is easily one of the sexiest celebrities in Hollywood! However, when it comes to Alba’s acting, she seems to have a history of lousy performances. According to Alba, the reason why she doesn’t get the roles she wants has to do with race. “A lot of people didn’t even give me a chance based on how racially ambiguous I looked.” Sounds like an excuse to us!

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1. Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel is gorgeous – there’s no way around that! Unfortunately, she seems to think her lack of success in Hollywood has to do with her looks and, back in 2009, she expressed this to Allure magazine! When asked if her striking appearance was responsible for her lack of roles, she replied with ” “It really is a problem. I have to be blunt.”

Sorry to break it to you Biel, but Natalie Portman is also incredibly beautiful and her looks don’t stand in the way of her securing acting jobs! Just saying…

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