General Hospital: Crazy And Shocking Spoilers For Spring/Summer 2018

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As much as General Hospital (GH) fans love a good surprise or cliffhanger, they also love a good spoiler alert too! Spring and summer time are notorious seasons for when things heat up in the land of daytime drama, and GH is no exception to this rule. Below are 12 crazy and shocking spoilers for the spring and summer of 2018.

12. Robert’s Coming Back

Robert Scorpio is making his way back to Port Charles and it won’t be long until fans get to see him on the small daytime screen once again! Tristan Rogers hopped on Twitter recently to relay the good news and GH viewers should expect to see him back on the soap in the next few weeks or so. Why has he returned and how long does he plan to stay? That seems unclear, but he’s most likely going to lend a hand to long-time friend and former wife Anna Devane, as she is currently on the search for the child she had with Cesar Faison.


11. Hello Genie Francis!

GH fans were outraged this past January when the legendary Genie Francis, who played iconic Laura Spencer, was dropped to recurring status on the soap opera. Over 20,000 GH fans have signed an online petition, hoping to prove to the show’s execs that Laura is loved and missed on GH. Meanwhile, in an interview, Francis’ agent Arthur Toretzky stated that Laura would only return to the show if the timing and story was ideal. In a Daytime After Dark Blog Talk Radio segment, ABC executive Nathan Varni offered some hopeful news to GH and Laura fans stating that the writers are currently busy trying to creatively come up with a big and prolific Laura-centric storyline to bring her back to the show sooner rather than later.

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10. Goodbye Kiki?

Haley Erin is on a roll, scoring a Daytime Emmy nod recently, as well as a primetime gig in the spinoff show from Pretty Little Liars titled The Perfectionists. Great for Erin, but is this great for the GH fans who love her in the role of Kiki? No news yet on whether Jerome will leave Port Charles, or a recast will be put in place as it seems like for the time being Erin might play both roles. No comment has been made in the form of a GH departure; however, this isn’t something she can do for long, especially if her new primetime gig explodes in popularity.

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9. A Kristen Alderson Return?

Speaking of Kiki Jerome, Kristen Alderson recently posted a picture on the GH set that left fans wondering about a potential return. Alderson played Kiki Jerome before Hayley Erin was recast in the role and also played Starr Manning on the show before ABC had a legal dispute over who the rightful owners of the One Life to Life characters really were. Now that ABC has won that battle, will we see Kris return to GH as Starr, or could she potentially reprise her Kiki Jerome role now that Erin is busy in primetime? Only time will tell…

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8. A Sibling Visits Elizabeth

Soap spoilers are indicating that Elizabeth Webber will soon get a visit from a sibling. She has a couple roaming around right now, but the entire thing has sparked some interest in the idea that Rebecca Budig’s Hayden Barnes character may return to Port Charles. In fact, ABC exec Nathan Varni recently told that Budig returning is a possibility, especially since she left last year telling Finn that she lost their baby even though that was not the case.

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7. 2018 Nurse’s Ball

GH fans look forward to the annual Nurse’s Ball when the entire Port Charles community gathers for a little glitz and glam while showing off their talents and raising awareness and money for AIDS/HIV. What would any Nurse’s Ball be without the hostess with the most-ess? GH fans will be happy to hear that the soap has confirmed the return of Lucy Coe, played by Lynn Herring, come Nurse’s Ball time. Expect to see Coe bopping around town come this May.

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6. A Sonny-Brenda Reunion?

Anyone who follows Vanessa Marcil’s Instagram account is constantly bombarded with hints and teases around a potential Brenda Barrett return to GH and a Sonny-Brenda reunion. Clearly, Marcil is quite fond of her former colleague Maurice Benard (the actor that plays Sonny) and any fans of Brenda are always hoping for her to return. But will she? Only time will tell; however, if her IG page provides any hints, it seems like a GH return could be in the works.

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5. New Character On The Horizon

Two very young female actresses visited the GH studios as of late to audition for a new character the show is not yet revealing. reported that Cheska Corona and Clementine Sayuri are two of the actresses that came in for the audition. No news on who has been hired or what part they will play, but fans should stay tuned for a young new female character that will hit Port Charles in the near future.

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4. Nathan Returns … As A Ghost?

Do any fans already miss Nathan West? The character was recently killed off, much to the devastation of viewers and wifey, Maxie Jones. While the character returning from the dead anytime soon seems unlikely, GH’s producer Frank Valentini and Ryan Pavey (the actor who played Nathan) set soap opera fans going when Frank posted a photo of Nathan West’s business card on Twitter, noting that the character was gone but not forgotten. Pavey would reply to the tweet with an eye-winked emoji, stating that in dreams loved one could always be found, creating mass speculation on whether or not West would be seen on the soap opera soon in a dream or maybe as a ghost.

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3. Max Is BACK!

Any fans of Max Giambetti out there? While he’s been missing onscreen as of late, the actor who plays Sonny Corinthos’ bodyguard Derk Cheetwood took to Facebook to announce that Max will be back to Port Charles soon. Cheetwood posted a photo of the Prospect Studios while checking in, which has fans wondering if we will see him performing at the Nurse’s Ball or if he will return to help Sonny out with a special mob project. Only time will tell!

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2. GH Welcomes Chris Jones

Chris Jones was first seen on GH this past winter playing Officer Torrez on a February 15th episode; however, it seems Jones will be getting more airtime in the near future as the actor has booked a role on the show recently. Will Jones play Torrez once again or another role? Hard to tell right now, but with the show’s 55th anniversary coming up, Jones is someone GH fans might want to keep an eye on.

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1. JaSam reunion

Whether you want to see Sam stay with Drew or not, a JaSam reunion is in coming down the pipe. Who revealed this crazy spoiler? None other than Bradford Anderson, also known as GH’s Damian Spinelli. Jason Morgan’s Port Charles side-kick was doing a Facebook live session with fans when a women’s voice hit the background basically setting up a scene on set between Sam and Jason in ‘Sam’s hotel suite.’ So, there you have it Team DreAm, Sam and Drew are clearly splitting up and living under different roofs…sometime in the near future that is.

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