General Hospital’s Annoying Love Triangles

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General Hospital (GH) placed soap opera super couples on the map, but they are also well-known for their dramatic love triangle storylines. They get it right most of the time; however, there have been times where two people vying for the same love interest has been a major fail. As such, below are seven of GH’s annoying love triangles.

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7. Valentin, Anna and Nina

Was this even a love triangle? Somewhat. Valentin and Nina Cassadine were a happy couple until a past flame in the form of Anna Devane kept stealing him away. Turns out Anna was her evil twin sister Alex, and when this was all revealed, the love triangle fizzled and fast. The fact that Anna was not acting like herself was the real pull to this plot, not necessarily Valentin’s struggle to figure out if he wanted Anna or Nina more.

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6. Maxie, Levi and Nathan

Maxie Jones always seems to fall for flakey men, but Levi Dunkleman took the cake. She met him while travelling around on a spiritual journey and fell for the con man’s fake accent and his insurmountable knowledge on yoga. While Maxie and Nathan West were just embarking on their romance, she struggled with the idea of whether she preferred Nathan or Levi. Thankfully Levi’s true colors eventually surfaced to prevent their wedding from happening. However, it did still seem wild at the time that any woman would choose Dunkleman over Nathan.

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5. Kiki, Morgan and Dillon

Maybe it was the lack of chemistry Kiki Jerome had with both Morgan Corinthos and Dillon Quartermaine, but this love triangle was lame from the get-go. There was the pull Kiki had around deciding if she should give up on Morgan and his mental health issues to pursue something new and exciting with Dillon. However, that angle was weak at best. When Morgan passed away, she ended up shacking up with Dillon after all. Not sure how he felt about being who she turned to when Morgan was no longer available…

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4. Patrick, Britt and Sabrina

Remember that movie She’s All That? It sadly replayed on GH in the form of the love triangle between Patrick Drake, Britt Westbourne and Sabrina Santiago. Sabrina was a geeky new nurse who had a desperate crush on playboy doctor Patrick. However, Patrick was involved in a shallow relationship with the manipulative Britt. Everyone could see that Britt was no good and that Sabrina was better suited for Drake. After taking off those glasses at one point and plastering on some makeup, Sabrina was instantly transformed into a beauty goddess. Didn’t take long after that for Patrick to see the light, but the storyline was so cheesy from the beginning.

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3. Maxie, Matt and Spinelli

Maxie Jones hits this list once again! However, this time instead of dumping the flake-ball boyfriend for the handsome dude, she did the opposite. Maxie and Matt Hunter had zero chemistry, so watching this love triangle for many GH fans was annoying. Anyone could see from a mile away that she and Damian Spinelli belonged together. The only good news was the geek did win in the end.

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2. Felicia, Frisco and Colton

Digging into the Port Charles’ history vault, we find an awful love triangle circa the late 1980s. Well, awful for Colton that is. Felicia and Frisco Jones were a huge GH super couple back then. When Frisco was thought to be deceased, Felicia moved on to Colton Shore. However, the romance was short-lived, and it was a no-brainer that she’d run back to Frisco if he ever came back to life. He did, and she quickly said buh-bye to Colton.

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1. Tracy, Luke, and Anthony

A love triangle does mean that some love is involved in the mix between the one person and the two vying for their attention. This was more like a love triangle nightmare. Tracy Quartermaine didn’t love Anthony Zacchara — she didn’t even like him, but he was obsessed with her. He did everything he could to get her to be with him. He even kidnapped and held her hostage on a boat to marry her. She was secretly in love with Luke Spencer at the time, but the two of them were playing head games instead of being honest with each other and hooking up. It was just a big mess.

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