The 7 Most Dysfunctional Famous Families

If you think your family is dysfunctional, take a look at these! They are famous and incredibly messed up. For some of them, fame is what definitely brought them to crazy town; however, for others, they were already dysfunctional to begin with. Sometimes a little dysfunction is a good thing, but not here. These families definitely need (or needed) a lot of help – this kind of crazy can’t possibly be good for the kids. In spite of this, we can take some pleasure in all of the drama they bring with them wherever they go. Here are Hollywood’s 7 most dysfunctional families!

7. Giudice’s Family

The Giudice family is pretty dysfunctional. Teresa and Joe are anything but the perfect couple. He reportedly cheats on her and she turns a blind eye. These two got themselves into quite the situation with their legal problems. She is currently serving a jail sentence and, once she gets out, he will serve his. Rumors have been floating around that he plans to serve her with divorce papers while she’s in prison.

On their reality show “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Teresa and Joe have proven that they don’t get along with their extended family. These two constantly spar with her brother Joe Gorga and his wife Melissa. This is one massive family feud and most of their fights have been documented on the Bravo show. Some think that Joe and Melissa have used Teresa and Joe’s problems to further their own fame. All we know for sure is that the feud rages on, even with Teresa behind bars.

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6. Honey Boo Boo’s Family

At first, it seemed like the whole beauty pageant thing that made Honey Boo Boo famous was the most dysfunctional thing about the family; however, over the last several months, it has become clear that there is a lot more that makes this family one of Hollywood’s most dysfunctional. One of the big things is Mama June’s relationship with Mark McDaniel, a convicted sex offender. He reportedly molested her daughter Anna. He was in prison for ten years for it. Now that he’s released and Mama June is single, these two have been spotted on several occasions acting very much like a couple.

When TLC heard that Mama June was dating a convicted child molester, they pulled the plug on the family’s show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” An entire season’s worth of episodes had been filmed; however, they wouldn’t air any of it. It looks like TLC has a stronger moral code than Mama June.

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5. Gosselin Family

When the Gosselin family first landed their reality show “Jon & Kate Plus Eight,” they seemed pretty normal. The only thing different about them was the number of children they had. Over time though, it became quite apparent that all was not well between Jon and Kate. She was super controlling and he was living like a single man. He was caught on various dates with a few different women. When these two decided to go their separate ways, things got even messier.

Jon was kicked off the family’s reality TV show and he didn’t take it very well. He had his lawyers demanded that the show cease production or face criminal charges. The show was canceled and it effectively ruined both him and Kate financially. These two are still really bitter with each other and have no problems talking about it publicly or leaking stories about it to the press. Some of the children reportedly have behavioral issues as a result of all the dysfunction at home.

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4. Woody Allen and Mia Farrow’s Family

Woody Allen and Mia Farrow have been slinging mud at each other since he first left her for her adopted daughter Soon-Yi. The story is pretty sordid. According to Farrow’s camp, Allen had been molesting their adopted daughter Dylan around the time that he left Farrow and their family for her adopted daughter. He totally denies that he ever touched Dylan; however, even she has come forward confirming that her mother’s allegations against her father are true. Allen blames Farrow for this. He thinks that she has been jealous of his career and of his relationship with Soon-Yi and that she’s just vindictive.

Farrow and Allen’s biological son Ronan doesn’t think much of his father. He hasn’t had much do with him since he left his mom for his adopted sister. According to Farrow, Ronan might not even be Allen’s son. She has said that she and Frank Sinatra, her first husband, were still having an affair when she hooked up with Allen.

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3. The Houston/Brown Family

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown had one of Hollywood’s most dysfunctional marriages. Many of us never understood why she chose him – all we for sure is that, over the course of their marriage, her career collapsed as the two of them descended into drug addiction. If it wasn’t their drug use that was making the news, it was their epic fights and bizarre behavior. According to Houston, Brown’s behavior was abusive at times. He once spat on her; he hit her; and he once cut all of the heads off all of the photographs in their home of her. It was a real love-hate relationship and it took her years to finally leave him.

When Bobbi Kristina was growing up, she saw a lot of this. After her mother died she struggled with drugs, drinking and depression. Many of those who watched her reality TV show noted that the poor girl was really missing her mom and was headed down a very similar path.

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2. The Lohan Family

The Lohans are easily one of the most dysfunctional familiess in Hollywood. All of the craziness really stems from Michael and Dina’s turbulent relationship, which was marred by drug abuse, as well as physical abuse. While Lindsay initially seemed unscathed by all of the drama at home, as she became more and more famous, it became clear that she was definitely a product of the dysfunctional environment that she was raised in.

Her father is always in and out of rehab and has been having scrapes with the law since the ‘90s. Dina, on the other hand, acts more like a friend to Lindsay than a mother. When her daughter was underage, she was often seen out and about with her, partying in her company. These two fight more like friends too. In 2012, they got into a brawl on their way back from New York City. Lindsay called her father, alleging that her mother was kidnapping her and doing cocaine. He called the police on his daughter’s behalf and then gave an exclusive to both TMZ and Radar Online. Something tells us that none of them will ever change.

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1. The Hogan Family

The Hogan family shot to fame thanks to their reality TV show “Hogan Knows Best.” Before the show, Hulk and his wife Linda were on the verge of splitting. With some counseling, they managed to patch things up for the cameras; however, the happy family bit didn’t last for long. He ended up cheating on her with one of his daughter Brooke’s friends and she rebounded with one of her son Nick’s classmates. Around the same time as all of this drama, Nick nearly killed one of his friends during a drunken drag race. The family rallied around Nick during his time of need, blaming the victim for not wearing ta seatbelt, but the family ended up falling apart soon after.

Hulk and Linda’s divorce has been acrimonious at best. He made some comments about how he could understand why O.J. Simpson killed his wife. Brooke doesn’t have much to do with her mom anymore because she dated a guy who she and Nick went to school with. Interestingly, all of the stuff that would have made for good reality TV happened after the family’s show was cancelled.

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