Young And The Restless’ 7 Greatest BFFs

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There is always a lot going on in the little town of Genoa City. Romance rules the roost, corporate battles are ongoing, and beautiful friendships develop and grow over the years. Best friends forever (BFF) is a cute little pop culture reference that people use to refer to those who have fostered a friendship that can last throughout the ages. When it comes to the Young and the Restless (Y&R) there are plenty of duos that have established this BFF status. Below is a list of seven great Y&R BFFs.

7. Chelsea Lawson and Chloe Mitchell

Chelsea and Chloe became great friends while working together on TagNGrab and would eventually go into business together, starting a fashion design company. They shared many good times and even lived together for a while, raising their kiddos Connor and Isabella together. Chloe’s mental health issues mixed in with the fact that Chelsea’s husband Adam caused Mitchell’s eldest daughter’s death cleared away any loving feelings these two had for each other. It got even more complicated for these two when it was revealed that Chole was the reason behind Adam’s demise. Best friends for a while, but maybe not forever.

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6. Jack Abbot and Adam Newman

These two initially became friends due to their mutual hate-on for Victor Newman. While they plotted to bring Victor down, a nice little friendship developed. Jack always had a soft spot for Adam, despite the fact that he always seemed to screw up. Meanwhile, Adam was the only person who realized Marco Annicelli was not his friend Jack during that crazy doppelganger debacle. Alas, Adam is now gone and it makes so much sense that Jack has lost his soft side since breaking up with Phyllis last year. He misses his BFF bro, one that could and would talk some sense into him.

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5. Sharon Newman and Drucilla Winters

Sharon and Dru became rather close years ago when they worked on a cosmetics project together called, “Beauty of Nature.” Sharon did some personal appearances as the spokeswoman and Dru accompanied her on these. They also probably bonded over their mutual dislike of Phyllis Summers, but ironically Phyllis was at the helm of their friendship coming to an end. It was in 2007 that Phyllis and Sharon would start fighting near a cliff during a photo shoot. Dru tried to separate them and she and Sharon fell into the river. Sharon was found and saved, but sadly, Drucilla’s body was never recovered.

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4. Paul Williams and Lauren Fenmore

Lauren and Paul were romantically linked in the 1980s and even married at one point. The relationship that started off as super couple status would eventually land in the friends’ zone. However, this is a good thing. Paul and Lauren have maintained a lovely friendship over the years and Williams saved Lauren’s butt (from rival Sheila) on more than one occasion. They are so much better off as just friends.

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3. Fen Baldwin and Summer Newman

These two young Genoa City residents were somewhat forced to be BFFs. Born around the same time, their parents Nick and Phyllis Newman along with Lauren Fenmore and Michael Baldwin were besties, so these two practically grew up together. Their childhood friendship would blossom with them into teenagers and now adults. The two have remained quite close over the years, even though Fen would have liked more than a simple friendship with Summer.

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2. Michael Baldwin and Phyllis Newman

Speaking of Finn and Summer’s parents, Michael and Phyllis have shared a wonderful BFF relationship in Genoa City over the years. While they were once lovers, the two quickly realized that they were better off as friends. Michael helps to calm Phyllis down whenever she’s wired herself up into a frenzy and Phyllis helps offer good advice whenever it comes to any relationship woes that develop between him and Lauren. They make the perfect BFFs.

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1. Nikki Newman and Katherine Chancellor

What a beautiful relationship between two incredible and iconic Y&R characters. As recovering alcoholics, Nikki and Katherine were always there to support each other when it came to their addiction, but even then, their friendship was more than that. Katherine was like the mother Nikki had always yearned for, and Nikki was like a daughter to Kay. They helped each other through failed marriages, illnesses, family deaths, and so much more. In fact, Nikki’s children Nick and Victoria would grow to love and respect Katherine over the years, and the two were more like family than just BFFs.

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