General Hospital: Plotline Predictions For April 2019

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March offered some explosive drama in the land of Port Charles, as residents continue to reel in the aftermath of the Kevin/Ryan twin switch reveal. What’s on tap for April? Some love triangle romance, more Dawn of Day craziness, and a character loss (or two) on the horizon. Learn more about what may come to be in the General Hospital (GH) plot predictions for April 2019:

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12. Saying Goodbye

With Oscar continuing to deteriorate, it is only a matter of time before GH gears up to say goodbye to the young teen. He’s battled this brain tumor hard, and lived life to the fullest; however, it seems as if Port Charles residents will be mourning the young man’s death come April.

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11. Dad To The Rescue

Josslyn will undeniably have a hard time dealing with the love of her life passing on. GH spoilers indicate that her dad, Jasper Jax, is headed back to the little town come mid-April. He’s sure to help his daughter during this difficult time and cause a little chaos for Carly and Sonny in the process.

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10. New Love Interest?

Jasper Jacks has been through pretty much all the ladies in Port Charles, so he may have his sights sets on the new District Attorney in town once he lands. Hooking up with Margaux would not only be a fun romance for Jax, but it may also make his ex-wife Carly jealous enough to pay attention to him.

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9. Baby Wiley Caught Up In DOD?

Shiloh continues to try and reach out to differing people within Port Charles to rope them into the Dawn of Day, and he just loves the idea of getting children involved in his seminars. After all, they are the easiest to manipulate. While he doesn’t think that Wiley is his baby (after all, the kid is not), Brad is someone who is vulnerable enough to fall for DOD and Shiloh’s antics.

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8. Willow Does All She Can To Protect Him

GH spoilers tease that Michael is set for a huge shocker in the coming weeks. Could Willow reveal her experience with DOD and Shiloh to him? If Brad decides to take Wiley to a cult seminar, Willow’s momma-bear instinct is sure to kick in, doing all she can to “protect” her child by letting Michael know the dangers around the organization. Maybe he can get Jason or Sonny to help?

7. Shiloh Gets Cocky

Shiloh’s creepy, there’s no denying that. He’s also too “good” to be true, and April will most likely see him get caught up in all his lies. Willow may be at the helm of it all, as he’ll trip up during an encounter with her, crossing the line and getting caught. But will this be the end to the Dawn of Day storyline? Not even close. It’ll be a snag in Shiloh’s plan, but he won’t be down and out.

6. Willow Reveals Her Connection To Wiley

GH fans know that Wiley is really Nelle and Michael’s son; however, Willow truly believes he is hers. All arrows seem to be pointing to the fact that she is on the cusp of spilling her secret. If Shiloh is locked away, even only for the short-term, she may unleash this to hidden gem to the greater public, blowing up this baby switch storyline to a new level.

5. Ryan Returns

Nobody was found, therefore, it’s inevitable that Ryan will pop up and return to Port Charles at some point. With the town divided on those who support Kevin, and those who don’t, Ryan could easily return, lock Kevin up again, create some chaos in process, and chalk up for names for his victim’s list.

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4. Ava vs. Ryan

Ava is desperate to kill Ryan. In fact, she’s almost hoping he’s still alive so she can ax him herself. A Ryan versus Ava standoff is in the books, and if it is not, GH writers need to get on it. While Ryan is dangerous, nobody should be feared as much as Ava Jerome scorned. She’d win a face-to-face against Ryan any day of the week.

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3. Goodbye, Nina

As some may know by now, the actress who plays Nina Cassadine, Michelle Stafford, is set to exit GH soon, reprising her Phyllis Summers role on the Young and the Restless (Y&R). With GH only filming mere weeks ahead of airing, fans should not be surprised if Nina leaves town by the end of April. Valentin’s scheming with Sasha will most likely come to fruition, having Nina wanting to leave Port Charles.

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2. The Aftermath of Dante’s Exit

There wasn’t a dry eye in any GH fan’s house last week, as Dante left Lulu (and Port Charles) last week due to his PTSD, and all he dealt with while on a secret mission in Turkey. April will find Lulu slowly trying to pick up the pieces of her life without Dante, and she may lean on friends and family to help her through things. Peter may be someone who is there to help her out, or she could find herself in more situations with him moving forward.

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1. BFF Love Triangle?

Lulu wasn’t looking for love during the months Dante was away; however, he did tell her to move on without him last week. While she won’t necessarily find herself wanting a romance, could she bond with Peter now that she’s as single as a Pringle? This would launch a very interesting BFF love triangle between her, Maxie, and Peter.

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