General Hospital: Spoilers For Spring 2019

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On the cusp of a new season, it seems as if the land of Port Charles will still be reeling from the aftermath of the Ryan/Kevin twin switch fiasco. As the snow melts, and the sun comes out to create some warmer temperatures, the drama is sure to heat up. Learn about what’s on tap for the next few months in the General Hospital (GH) crazy and surprising spoilers for spring 2019.

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12. Will Ryan Return?

GH fans are currently seeing Ava deal with learning she had been duped all this time by Ryan, and this storyline will continue to heat up as she vows to make things right by ridding Ryan herself. As nobody was found, there is a really good possibility that he could return at some point, offering her the closure she is so desperate for. But, could a Ryan return wreak more havoc than do good? It seems like a good possibility.

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11. Laura Upset

GH spoilers indicate that it will be hard for Laura to get over the Ryan/Kevin switch as well. Nearing the beginning of spring, she’ll still be very angry over all Ryan did, from trapping Kevin and taking over his life to stabbing Lulu. It will take some time for her to resolve her feelings around this, especially around the fact that Kevin hid it all from her.

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10. Carly Worries

GH spoilers indicate that Carly will have some growing concerns in the coming weeks as spring arrives. The scare around her baby has thankfully subsided some weeks ago, but this doesn’t mean she’s out of the woods yet with this pregnancy and worries. She’ll continue to have her ups and downs as spring progresses.

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9. Jax Returns

Actress Eden McCoy, who plays Josslyn Jacks, recently tweeted some very big news: her “dad” Jax is on his way to Port Charles and soon! Actor Ingo Rademacher will be making a splashing return to the soap opera soon, so GH fans need to get geared up for some incredible drama!

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8. Oscar Passes Away

Oscar is not doing that well as of late, and while fans hope for the best in this situation, it seems that the end might be near for Oscar. He’s done an excellent job of trying to live his final days to the fullest; however, GH audiences need to gear up for some emotional storylines heading into spring with Oscar, Kim, Drew, and Josslyn.

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7. Dawn of Day Storyline Heats Up

GH spoilers are teasing a lot of action with the Dawn of the Day storyline. Kristina will move forward with an initiation ceremony, and it seems as if Brad will continue to get tangled in with the cult, leaving little Wiley exposed to Shiloh’s manipulative ways. With that said, GH spoilers also hint that Jason and Sam will be on the DOD’s coattails, and it does seem that Shiloh may get caught in some lies soon.

6. Baby Wiley Saga

Could Michael finally find out the truth about Wiley? GH spoilers in the coming weeks indicate that he’ll start to put “two-and-two” together, so this could very well be hinting that Michael may realize that Wiley is either not the original baby that Brad and Lucas adopted, or better yet, the child is his.

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5. Love Triangle

GH spoilers tease that a female character will struggle between two men come the spring. Could this mean that Liz starts to see Drew once again in a different light? Perhaps Jax returns with his sights set on Carly? There’s also a good chance this spoiler is alluding to Willow, Chase, and Michael. Regardless, there is a huge love triangle on the horizon in Port Charles.

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4. New Valerie

With actress Brytni Sarpy leaving GH and moving to the Young and the Restless, it was clear that the show needed a new Valerie Spencer, and the good news is that they found one! Actress Paulina Bugembe will be joining the soap opera sometime soon, as she’s been recast into the role. Stay tuned to see a new Valerie unveiled in Port Charles in the coming weeks!

3. Valentin Exposed

GH spoilers hint that the truth will come out regarding Valentin and his meddling with Nina and her daughter. Fans know that Sasha isn’t really her offspring, and the secret is set to be exposed sometime in the spring. Valentin better enjoy having Nina around, as this is sure to be the final straw for these two.

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2. Goodbye Nina?

The news exploded on the Internet and social media recently, as it was announced that actress Michelle Stafford, who currently plays Nina Reeves, will be exiting the show to return to the Young and the Restless, reprising the role of Phyllis Summers. Does this mean Nina bids adieu to Port Chuckles, or is a recast in the works? Only time will tell!

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1. Nurse’s Ball

Raise your hand if you are looking forward to this year’s Nurse’s Ball? An annual tradition in the land of Port Charles, the event spotlights the singing and dancing talents of characters (as well as actors/actresses) on GH, helps to raise awareness around the HIV/AIDS condition, and dives into a little bit of storyline. Not to mention that fans get to see Lucy Coe, and all her wardrobe changes! GH’s Nurse’s Ball is set to hit daytime screens starting Thursday, May 16th.

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