General Hospital: Plotline Predictions For January 2021

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Will Sonny be found? Will someone stop Cyrus? Who will Willow choose between Michael and Chase? So many questions, so few answers! With a brand-new year comes even more drama in the land of Port Charles, and General Hospital (GH) fans just love to speculate on what will happen next! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for January 2021.

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12. Brenda Returns!

Actress Vanessa Marcil continually teases a GH return on social media, so what if one is on the horizon? What if Brenda is the one that ends up finding Sonny? What if he awakes from an unconscious slumber, only to realize that his long-lost love has been helping him to recover in a cabin deep in the woods outside of New York? Brenda would hesitate to reach out to his family because she knows that keeping him hidden might keep him safe. She may be in the loop about Cyrus, thanks to her connections to Robin (Anna).

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11. Sonny Awakes With Amnesia

Sonny could wake up, forgetting who he is (whether he’s with Brenda or not). He also could wake up with short-term memory loss, meaning he knows who is, but can’t remember any events leading up to how he fell unconscious. Either way, Sonny should pop back up on daytime screens by the end of January. Just in time for February sweeps.

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10. Jason Learns What Cyrus Knows

Brando is bound to update Jason soon about Cyrus being “in the know” when it comes to Dev. Cyrus may even approach Jason and dangle this information in front of him. Renault wants his mom back, and he’ll be able to achieve this with blackmail. He won’t even blink an eye. If Laura isn’t the one to help him get his mom back, then he’ll proceed with this idea.

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9. Trading Time

It’s an easy trade: Cyrus won’t go to immigration and implicate Carly and Joss if Jason hands over his mom. This information will help Renault get his mother back, but also push Stone Cold into a corner. Jason will feel powerless, which means he’ll be that much more desperate to get rid of the mob boss for good. Unless he can gather information on Cyrus about something else.

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8. Britt Tries To Help Jason

Britt’s ready to rid Port Charles and the hospital of Cyrus. She’ll pitch in to help Jason in any way she can, but Jason will warn her about the consequences and taking risks. The two will find each in their orbit that much more, as they’ll technically be “working” together.

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7. Chemistry Between The Two?

Britt and Jason are both two good-looking individuals. They are also both street smart, and down-to-earth. Could GH fans see sparks fly between them? Jason is single now, and while he still loves Sam, there may be no strings attached to a fling with Dr. Westbourne. There could be a ton of chemistry felt if Brason becomes a “thing.”

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6. Willow Continues To Go Back And Forth

Willow will continue to back and forth between Chase and Michael. She may even decide to go back to Chase. After all, while what he did was wrong, his heart was in the right place. He was only thinking of Wiley’s safety. Just as she decides to take that leap and reunite with Chase, the unexpected happens. She’ll realize she’s expecting a baby.

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5. Willow Chooses Michael

Wiley was enough of a reason to keep Willow anchored to Michael. Plus, she truly cares for Corinthos and they established a nice romance that was built on friendship and common ground. If she ends up expecting, she’ll choose Michael without blinking an eye. He has and will make her happy, and the family they share will be reason enough to stick around.

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4. Olivia’s Gut

Olivia’s gut will start to rumble come early January. GH spoilers imply that Tracy will *almost* spill the beans about Ned and Alexis, and this might have Olivia’s suspicions raised enough to look into the matter. Still, she’ll need some help. She’ll turn to Sam and Robert and start snooping around.

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3. The Truth Is Revealed

Olivia will eventually learn the truth about Ned and Alexis. With Sam and Robert’s help, she’ll conclude that the two hooked up; however, GH spoilers also tease that she’ll confront Tracy in mid-January. Quartermaine may tell Olivia the truth because she won’t be able to boldly lie to her. Especially if Olivia is direct and to the point with Tracy.

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2. Oliva Leaves Ned, Tracy Leaves Town

Olivia will leave Ned, and move out of the Quartermaine mansion this month. Meanwhile, Tracy, devastated that she was the reason the affair came out, will also head out of town, closing her short-term run on the show. GH fans will have to wait another 11 months until the next holiday season to see Tracy!

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1. Valentin Uses Charlotte To Get Closer To Nina

Valentin may notice Charlotte regressing in the next week or so. Could he use the child to get closer to Nina? He won’t “use” Charlotte or exaggerate her needs; however, Nina always helps to brighten her spirits. Could he ask Nina for more family dinners? Keep her in his orbit to not only get closer to her but also help his mourning daughter?

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