General Hospital: Plotline Predictions For November 2019

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With all the spookiness of Halloween behind us, residents of Port Charles will start to gear up for all the holiday festivities that November brings. It’s only natural for General Hospital (GH) fans to try and speculate on storylines, after all, we are in the middle of Sweeps. As such, below are some GH plot predictions for November 2019.

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12. A Hunt To Find Anna

GH spoilers indicate that Anna won’t return onscreen until December; however, a tease of some dire circumstances for characters trying to bring her home is set to unravel in November. Finn may have a hard time getting in touch with Anna in the coming weeks, launching a search to bring her back to Port Charles. Robert Scorpio will probably be involved in it all.

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11. Finn and Hayden

Finn has just found out he’s a dad, and he’s not too overly pleased that Hayden has kept this huge piece of information from him. While they won’t come together in November, there might be some tension between these co-parents this month. A child can truly bond two individuals, and watching Hayden with his daughter might bring her into an entirely different light for Finn.

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10. Kim Nero Leaves Town

According to Daytime Confidential, actress Tamara Braun has finished up taping scenes with GH. While “Dranco” recently won his identity case, spoilers for the show reveal he will have a realization soon, too. Perhaps he decides to stay in Port Charles, leaving Kim no other choice but to leave town alone.

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9. Lucas’ Learns The Truth

The truth about Baby Wiley’s bio parents has to come out in November. Lucas can sense something is up with Brad, and GH spoilers do state that he’ll be visited by his adoptive dad (the ghost of Dr. Tony Jones), as he’ll learn that Julian has been blackmailing Brad in the coming weeks. While the truth does come out, how long before Michael learns that Wiley is actually his son, and not just his godson?

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8. Brad and Lucas Hide The Truth

Lucas and Brad truly believe that Wiley is their child in every sense of the word, and while Lucas will be upset at Brad when everything comes out, he may focus more on keeping the baby than separating. The two will struggle with the idea of telling Michael the truth, but in fear of losing their son altogether, they may refrain from approaching Michael. After all, Lucas had a great life as the adopted son of Tony and Bobbie, so he may believe he can give Wiley a better life than Michael (and Nelle) at this point. He may also believe he can protect the child from Nelle in the long run.


7. Alexis Gets Kidnapped

Alexis will be struggling with the flu and very soon. While GH fans know it’s because of the protein powder that Kendra has given her, she’ll think it’s just a sickness that comes with the season. Alexis is sure to get so sick she won’t be able to function, and there’s a good chance this is all part of a plan so that Kendra can kidnap and torture her.

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6. Sam’s Situation

GH spoilers reveal that Sam will have a cellmate that causes massive concerns. Fans know of two inmates that don’t have the best of reputations in the little town, Nelle and Ryan. So, either of these characters could be a source of threat to McCall. It also could be someone entirely different from Sam’s past, or a Dawn of Day member bitter about being in jail and blaming McCall.

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5. Sam’s Trial

A bench trial will be set in November for Sam, and she’ll be desperate to get out of prison to be with her family, and reasons noted above. But, will the trial equal out to success? This storyline has just started, and Sam will most likely have to suffer in jail for a least a few more weeks, if not a month (or more).

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4. Peter’s At The Helm

Peter is desperate to continue forging his bond with Maxie and James, not to mention a missing Anna, and it seems as if he’ll be at the helm of why Sam’s trial will not succeed. He’ll cross the line once again to cover his butt, and sadly, it’ll be at the expense of Sam’s freedom.

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3. Masked Man

There’s a mysterious man following Ava right now, and it’s not paranoia, rather, it’s a fact! Many fans have speculated that it could be Nikolas Cassadine, and with his name being dropped significantly as of late, there’s a good chance it is him. But, will actor Tyler Christopher reprise the role or will it be a recast? Tyler would bring a nice familiar spin on the part; however, a recast could place a shadow of doubt as to whether or not the man is really “Nikolas” if the storyline is played out that Cassadine has had plastic surgery to recover his face after his “accident.”

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2. New Love Interest For Ava

The mysterious follower might be Nikolas, or he could very well be a Cassidine cousin too. Regardless, he may also be a new love interest for Ava. She is struggling right now with PTSD, and a new romance with the right man might help her. The storyline could also show fans the journey around Ava building up a wall, with a good man helping to tear that down.

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1. CarSon’s Next Obstacle

GH spoilers hint that Carly will discover a secret that could place Sonny in a dire position. What could this be about? It might have to do with Sonny’s business dealings, personal life, or past. While they’ve dealt with a lot leading up to Baby Donna’s arrival, things have finally settled, for now. Having said that, it seems as if the couple will have another obstacle to hurdle over come November.

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