General Hospital: Spoilers For Fall 2019

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With summer all but a distant memory, time to start thinking about the exciting drama, romance, and adventures set to hit the land of Port Charles come fall! Fans will be introduced to a new character; CarSon’s baby will be born; and Shiloh will continue to cause chaos! Learn about these stories and others in the General Hospital (GH)  spoilers for fall 2019.

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12. Shiloh Doesn’t Back Down

GH spoilers for fall hint that Shiloh will not back down to someone, in the legal sense, as he goes toe-to-toe to help his case. Teasers also reveal that Peter and Shiloh’s past will surface and play a big role when it comes to the cult leader’s end game. Will Shiloh win? He’s always used to getting his way.

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11. CarSon’s Baby

GH fans need to gear up for a new little character to hit the screen come fall, as Carly and Sonny’s new bundle is expected to arrive sometime in the next month or so. Unfortunately, the baby will test their relationship, and there is a good chance their romance might not be able to survive what’s in store for them.

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10. Ava & Laura

GH spoilers for autumn reveal that Ava will continue to try and put her relationship with Ryan behind her, in order to move forward. Having said that, Laura will be placed in Ava’s orbit in the coming weeks/month, and the two women will have an interesting storyline between them. Could Kevin be placed in the middle of these two?

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9. Alexis’ Connection With Kendra

Kendra clearly doesn’t have the best of intentions with Alexis, and while many fans have their theories about the new character, it seems that in the coming weeks the connection Alexis has with Kendra will be revealed. Hold on to your hats GH fans! Spoilers indicate that it may not be a good one.

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8. Finn Raises An Eyebrow

As the weeks progress, expect Dr. Hamilton Finn to raise an eyebrow or two when it comes to his ex, Hayden. According to GH spoilers, he’ll start to become very suspicious of her, and why she has returned to the little town after all. Having said that, he won’t be the only one who raises an eyebrow.


7. Scorpio’s Sixth Sense

You don’t become one of the best spies in the world for not having a good intuition! GH spoilers tease that Robert will give an opinion or two around why there is so much tension between Hayden and Finn. If he turns to Anna with his two cents, she might not be too amused. Having said that, fans know why Finn and Hayden have some tension: the two haven’t fully gotten over each other!

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6. Harmony and Willow

Mommy daughter issues can always be hard! GH spoilers reveal that the problems between Willow and Harmony come full circle this fall, as Shiloh’s crimes continue to surface during his case. He’s done a ton of terrible things, and perhaps Willow will learn just how awful and abusive he was to her mother, too.

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5. Jordan Preoccupied

GH spoilers indicate that Jordan will have a heavy plate load this fall, and that’s all thanks to Shiloh. She will be very preoccupied with his case and ensuring all his charges stick. Here’s hoping all that work wasn’t done for nothing. Shiloh seems like a person who knows how to slip through the cracks of the justice system.

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4. Chase Is Busy

GH spoilers reveal that Chase will be quite busy this fall season too, “cleaning up” a ton of messes. Could this involve his work as a cop, potentially the Shiloh case, or, perhaps on a personal level with Willow, or helping his brother Finn out with things Then, there’s also that virus that Sasha dealt with recently that could explode into all of Port Charles. This could keep Chase very preoccupied at work.

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3. Dev’s Situation

GH spoilers suggest that the charade around Dev being a distant Corinthos relative will continue to take a huge toll on Joss, as well as other members of the family. Joss has been finding it hard to lie to her dad, and she really shouldn’t be placed in that situation, but sometimes circumstances aren’t always so black and white.

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2. Jax Figures It All Out?

GH spoilers state that someone outside the group that is not “in the know” about Dev will figure out that things don’t add up, and they’ll come to the realization that Dev is not who Sonny is saying he is. Jax has been asking a ton of questions since the teen arrived on the scene, but it seems way to simply (and easy) for him to find out.

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1. New Character Alert

For all those former All My Children’s (AMC) fans out there, actor Michael E. Knight, who once placed Tad Martin on the show is set to join the GH cast sometime in the fall. The interesting thing is that nothing has been revealed around the character he is playing, or who he will be working with, so viewers need to stay tuned for more information as it comes down the pipe.

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