General Hospital: Spoilers For Fall 2021

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From the chillier temperatures to sweaters and hoodies, everything pumpkin-spiced, and Halloween, the fall can be an interesting time on General Hospital (GH)! It can also be a time of adventure, schemes, secrets revealed, romance, and more. What shall unfold in the land of Port Charles over the weeks and months ahead? Check out the below GH spoilers for fall 2021 to find out!

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12. Halloween and Ryan Chamberlain

What is it about Halloween season that seems to bring Ryan Chamberlain’s storylines to the forefront? GH spoilers for fall reveal that Alexis will develop some fears about Ryan in the weeks ahead. The good news is she’ll also develop a bond with Harmony, so she won’t be alone in her fright.

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11. Cause For Concern

Ryan can’t communicate, so is there anything to be worried about? Absolutely! He’s a master of manipulation! With that said, GH spoilers for fall indicate that fans may be more troubled by Esme as the weeks and months go by. Added teasers note that she’ll stir the pot; in the process, we may learn more about why she’s come to Port Chuckles, as well as her link to Ryan.

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10. Trina Has Her Eye On Esme

Sounds like Esme will get away with some things — but not everything, and not for long! GH spoilers suggest that Trina will be onto Ms. Prince, and even follow a trail when it comes to her role in Ava’s stalker situation. There’s a good chance she’ll put two and two together and also link Spencer to it all. Plus, she’ll also try to recruit Cam for help.

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9. Laura’s Influence

As Nik and Spencer try to rebuild some sort of father-son bond, GH spoilers hint that they will be influenced by Laura in some way. She’s currently out of Port Charles; however, the cryptic teasers note that her “influence” may resonate via the morals she’s taught them both over the years. Maybe they’ll get messages or video chats from her, too?

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8. Britt’s Preoccupied

Over at the hospital, GH spoilers note that Britt will work overtime to forget about Jason Morgan. The bad news is that her mom will remain missing. However, she’ll give all her attention to finding Liesl in the weeks ahead not only to reunite with her mom but also to keep her mind off “Stone Cold”.

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7. Sonny’s Return

GH spoilers imply that everything that is happening right now in the land of Port Charles (and Nixon Falls) will culminate in the storyline for Sonny’s official return. Many fans feel as if this storyline has been dragged on long enough, and it’s time for Corinthos to come home. It won’t be too long before the proverbial poop hits the fan, and Sonny realizes that his best friend has hooked up with his wife.

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6. Nina’s Regret

Will Sonny gravitate towards Nina, or feel betrayed by her actions? GH spoilers for the fall hint that Nina will pay a “high price” for what she’s done. She’ll certainly have Carly and Jason upset, but what about “Mike”? Perhaps he keeps his distance for a while but then comes around.

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5. Jason and Carly Battles The Mob… Together

Still, as fans wait for Sonny to remember he’s SonnyGH spoilers tease that Jason and Carly will get deeper and deeper in their romance. They’ve already professed their love for one another. As the weeks go by, they’ll continue to move out of the friend zone, and into a real relationship. Battling the mob together may help them grow that much closer.

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4. Chase Starts “Fresh”

Off the cusp of his annulment to Willow, GH spoilers state that Chase will be ready for a new chapter. Added teasers suggest that Brook Lynn will be a friend to help him through all this; however, there is a possibility for romance between the two. In other news, BLQ will continue to battle guilt over Valentin and her lies to him about Bailey.

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3. Michael and Willow Are Put To The Test

Meanwhile, as Michael and Willow close the “Chase” chapter in their love story, GH spoilers indicate that the couple will face a new test in their relationship. Could this be linked to Sonny’s return, or could Nelle come back to the little town? Perhaps it has to do with growing their family. Who else thinks Wiley deserves a sibling?

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2. Drew, Hayden and Victor Cassadine

Across town, GH spoilers note that pieces will start to click together that indicate Victor Cassadine is the link between Hayden (Naomi) and Drew’s drama. Added teasers note that there will be plenty of twists and turns along the way. Sounds like Curtis, Portia, Shawn and Sam will all be on the case trying to figure this all out.

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1. Sam and Dante Bond As Drew Tries To Escape

GH spoilers for fall tease that Drew will come up with an escape plan soon. But will this one be successful? Most likely! However, as Cain tries desperately to “come home”, Sam and Dante will be bonding up a storm. While Drew will be in the back of her mind, it sounds like McCall and Falconeri will grow quite close.

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