General Hospital: Spoilers For November 2019

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Soap opera fans are on the cusp of November Sweeps, which means there will be plenty of unexpected adventures, character returns, romance, and drama! What will unravel in the land of Port Charles in the next coming weeks? Check out the General Hospital (GH) spoilers for November 2019.

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12. Anna’s Return

It feels like forever since GH fans have seen Anna Devane, and while her return is slated for December 2019, the story that will bring her back to the little town of Port Charles will unfold in November. GH spoilers tease some dire circumstances for characters who are helping to bring her home.

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11. Tony Jones Sighting

For longtime fans who miss Dr. Tony Jones, a special GH spoiler reveals that he will reappear on the show come November. Teasers hint that he’ll come back in ghost form when adoptive son Lucas hits a crossroads of sorts. Here’s hoping viewers get to see Jones for a few scenes — it sounds like a heartwarming storyline.

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10. Lucas’ Plight

Why does Lucas need to see adoptive dad Tony? It seems the Baby Wiley storyline will hit the forefront come November. GH spoilers state that Lucas will find out that Julian has been blackmailing Brad all along, and will struggle with daddy issues in November. More importantly, will the truth about Wiley come out?


9. Julian’s Decision

It seems very likely that the secret around Wiley’s real bio parents should finally be revealed come November. GH spoilers suggest that tension will increase around the child and Brad’s secret, and Julian will have to make a huge decision. Looks like Jerome may finally do what he should have done in the beginning, and tell Lucas the truth.

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8. Alexis’ Illness

While everyone has been under the impression that Alexis is struggling with the flu as of late, it seems like things around her health will get complicated in early November. GH spoilers indicate that her condition will worsen, which probably means she doesn’t have the flu, but that her symptoms are the aftermath of that powder she consumed, given by Kendra.

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7. Dranco’s Court Case

While GH fans sit and wonder what will become of Drew Cain/Franco Baldwin, spoilers state that the judge will make her ruling come November. Teasers hint that his survival will be at risk, but does this mean that the memory retrieval procedure is done, and has negative impacts on Franco’s health, or that the judge rules in “Drew’s” favor, and “Franco” officially becomes a thing of the past? Additionally, spoilers do reveal that Elizabeth will get bad news and soon.

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6. Sam’s Trial

GH spoilers reveal that Sam will have her own issues come November. A Pentonville cellmate might be a potential cause for concern when it comes to Sam. McCall will be given a bench trial in the coming weeks, where she’ll have high expectations around getting released from prison to escape said cellmate. But, will this plan work?

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5. Peter Protects His Own Interests

One person that could create a barrier around Sam’s release is Peter. GH spoilers indicate that circumstances will force him to go against Sam (and thus Jason), so he can protect the life he’s been trying to build with James as Maxie, as well as with his mom Anna. Could he succeed in this?

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4. JaSam’s World Crumbling

GH spoilers also hint that Peter will do just about anything to solidify his future in Port Charles come November. As such, he’ll do everything he can, which will mean that this comes at the expense of JaSam’s happiness. Sam will most likely be spending the American Thanksgiving holiday in the slammer.

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3. The Cassadines

Despite the fact that there aren’t that many Cassadines lingering in Port Charles right now, GH spoilers reveal an interesting storyline set to roll out in November. While fans might think Nikolas is the man in the mask following Ava (and this could still be true), teasers suggest a huge reveal around Mikkos’ will, with repercussions around this trickling down to Valentin, Nina, Jax, Laura, Lula, Ava, and other characters.

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2. Carly’s Secret

Across town at the Corinthos mansion, more drama is set to unfold come November. Seems as if Carly will stumble on a secret. While she usually loves being in the loop around stuff like this, it seems as if the information she finds is revealed, Sonny may suffer some consequences.

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1. More Spoilers!

Cassandra will be scared and worried come November, while Nina will pay a visit to Nathan’s grave. Additionally, GH spoilers indicate that Lulu and Maxie will treat Charlotte to some desert and girl chat sometime this month, while Ava gets some support from her brother Julian. Lastly, Laura will have some doubts in November, and Jax will attempt to stop her before she does something.

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