General Hospital: Spoilers For Spring 2022

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As the snow melts in Port Charles, the weather won’t be the only thing that heats up in the little town! What can General Hospital (GH) fans expect to unfold on the soap opera over the spring months? Some character exits, possible character returns, and a massive plot twist! Learn about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for spring 2022.

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12. Valentin Returns

Time to re-ignite the Valentin-Anna romance! Actor James Patrick Stuart (Valentin) recently took to Twitter to let fans know he’s back on the set and filming. He took a small hiatus from the soap opera to work on a new Disney show, The Villains of Valley View. Valentin should be seen back in the land of Port Chuckles by April.

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11. Alexis Takes A Break

Speaking of the Cassadines, a member that generally stays quiet when it comes to family dealings is Alexis. While she’s been enjoying a new career in the land of journalism, GH fans should note that Davis might not be seen on canvas shortly. Actress Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) noted on Twitter recently that she had a “painful” medical issue. The good news is that it’s fixable, and she’s headed into back surgery in late March. Sounds like fans won’t be seeing much of Alexis in the spring, but at least Grahn is addressing the problem. After all, her health is the number one priority.

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10. A New Trina

Sadly, actress Sydney Mikayla made her last appearance as Trina on March 17th. While she’s decided to focus on her education, the character will continue to feature in storylines. Fans should expect the debut of actress Tabyana Ali to occur sometime this spring as the recast of fan-favorite Trina. Will she have the same chemistry with Spence as OG Trina? Here’s hoping!

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9. Could Adam Become A Regular?

For fans who are unaware, Joshua Benard, the son of actor Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos), recently hopped into his dad’s stomping ground by making an appearance on GH. Joshua played Joss’s creepy study partner, Adam, who was intrigued to get together with her, thanks to the viral sex video of her and Cam. Could Adam become a permanent part of the teen scene moving forward? Could his storyline grow this spring?

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8. Not The First Time, Maybe Not The Last…

Joshua has already appeared on the soap, well before his “Adam” role. During a November 12th, 2018, episode that took a look back at Sonny’s life, he was cast as a young version of the mob boss. Joshua was recently interviewed by Soap Opera Digest and revealed that he hopes to return to GH so that he can get a scene with his dad. Could this foreshadow a recurring role for him on the show?

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7. Elizabeth’s Parents Return

While nothing has been confirmed as of yet, soap opera fans know that once an old name is mentioned, there’s a very good chance of a return. With Jake stating that he’s been in touch with his grandparents in secret, GH viewers can’t help but wonder if Jeff and Carolyn Webber are on their way back to Port Charles. It’s possible that this will happen over the coming spring months.

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6. Massive Plot Twist

GH spoilers note that as Nina digs deeper into her “rights” with Wiley, an unexpected plot twist lies ahead. Most fans can see this coming from a mile away, especially after Phyllis acknowledged her past work with Harmony. Looks like there’s still a very good chance that Nina is Willow’s bio mom, and this storyline is sure to unravel this spring.

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5. What’s Wrong With Willow?

Willow isn’t currently doing too well, as she fainted while on duty at the hospital. Will she have a medical condition that only a parent can help out with? Whether she requires blood, bone marrow or an organ, Willow’s health issues might be exactly what brings the truth to the surface.

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4. Family Ties

Across town, GH spoilers indicate that Brad will have to deal with some major issues from his Aunt Selina. Ms. Wu is infamous in the Port Charles mob world, so will she push the idea of him joining the family business and staying away from his bestie, Britt? Will she ask him to do anything illegal? Fans will have to tune in to find out!

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3. Spencer And Esme

GH spoilers reveal that Spencer will see another side of Esme soon. While the two have broken up, and he knows she isn’t exactly the sweetest young lady in Port Charles, Spence may finally see the truly evil side that GH viewers witness daily. But what will open his eyes?

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2. The Nikolas Factor

Esme is trying her hardest to warm up to daddy Nik, thanks to some advice from her own father, Ryan. As his ex-girlfriend cozies up to his dad, will Spencer see that Esme never loved him to begin with? He may not deduce she’s working with Chamberlain, but he may see that he was simply a pawn in her game to get to his dad.

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1. Marshall’s True Agenda

Finally, GH spoilers for spring suggest that as the weeks go by, Marshall’s past will catch up to him. Added teasers imply that his true agenda in Port Charles will become crystal clear. How will Curtis react when all of this comes to the surface? Will he ever be able to have a real relationship with his bio dad?

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