General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (April 15, 2019)

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Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! Time for another round of Port Charles drama to gear up for! Expect some more Dawn of Day storyline to spill out; Carly will get very emotional; and some huge confrontations shall unravel. Learn more about these and other exciting storylines in the coming days by reading the GH spoilers for the week of April 15, 2019.

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9. Dawn of Day Drama

GH spoilers tease that Sam will be able to manipulate Shiloh next week. He’s pretty good at pulling these types of moves on others, so it’ll be an interesting watch to see the tables turned on the Dawn of Day cult leader. How will she throw him for a loop? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

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8. Jason Gets Confronted

Speaking of, GH spoilers indicate that fans need to get ready for an explosive confrontation between Jason and Shiloh. It’ll happen later on in the week, and Shiloh will be the one to approach “Stone Cold.” Meanwhile, days earlier, Sonny will caution his sidekick about something. It sounds like Jason is getting in too deep when it comes to bringing Shiloh down. He better be careful.

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7. Brad Gets In Deeper

Speaking of, GH spoilers suggest that Brad will dive that much deeper into the Dawn of Day cult. Shiloh has been able to fool a lot of people, and it seems that Brad is on the cusp of being one of the cult’s new cronies. Teasers also hint that Jason will catch wind of all this. If so, he’ll want to protect Baby Wiley and Lucas (Carly’s brother) against any potential harm.

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6. Michael Starts To Piece Things

GH spoilers also offer interesting insights on Michael. He’s been able to help provide Sam and Jason information about Willow and her DOD experience, so what could he piece together this week? Could fans be on the cusp of a Baby Wiley paternity reveal? Or could he figure out something related to this storyline? As the week ends, he’ll be sympathetic to someone, and so this may have to do with Willow believing the baby is hers and Shiloh’s.

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5. Franco & Cam

GH spoilers indicate that Cam and Franco will have a disagreement of sorts, butting heads around an issue. According to the teasers, they’ll clash about something, which spells very bad news for Elizabeth. She’ll undeniably feel caught in the middle between her son and her husband. Here’s hoping these two can land on the same page at some point.

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4. Julexis Drama?

GH spoilers hint that Alexis will find out about Julian helping out Kristina and the money he gave her. This could spell out some conflict between Julexis, or potentially bring them closer together (she may feel touched that he helped her daughter out). It really could go either way at this point in the game.

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3. Reeling In Ryan

Felicia, Laura, and Ava have a bona fide plan to reel Ryan in from hiding, and it involves getting Jerome to flaunt a new relationship in his face. GH spoilers suggest that Ava will reach out to Scott this week, asking for assistance. Have they found their man? As the week progresses, Ava will face a rejection of sorts, so Scott may refuse to help.

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2. Jax Return?

Actor Indgo Rademacher (Jasper Jacks) is set for a huge GH return with spoilers estimating his arrival back onscreen to be sometime in mid-April. Will this be the week GH fans finally see Jax back in Port Charles? It would be a pleasant surprise for many in the little town, as well as out there in audience land!

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1. More Spoilers!

Rounding up GH spoilers this week, Carly will be moved to tears while Margaux and Sonny will disagree on something. Laura will focus on the important things in life, which may be connected to a teaser that sees Kevin get a nice invitation from someone. Lastly, Franco and Jordan will have a meeting together.

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