General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (April 22, 2019)

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Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! Next week promises plenty more drama, suspicion, and adventure! Learn more about what will happen to Jordan, Joss, Julian, Caryl, Ava, Kevin, Lulu, Oscar, Jason, and others in the GH spoilers for the week of April 22, 2019.

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9. Jordan’s Health

According to GH spoilers, Jordan’s health will be fading fast next week. In fact, T.J. will come to realize that she’s in much more discomfort than meets the eye. Teasers indicate she may have to deal with a confrontation of sorts, but he’ll only do it for her own good. Here’s hoping she gets the kidney she needs and soon.

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8. Josslyn Lashes Out

GH spoilers tease that Josslyn will have some pent-up anger, and take it out on Cameron. She’ll be struggling to get through Oscar’s declining health situation, and Cam will be the one take the hit. In other related spoiler news, Oscar will call upon Cam with a special request for him to carry out, and it most likely has to do with Joss.

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7. Julian’s Suspicions

GH spoilers suggest that Julian will struggle with some suspicions. Could it be that he’ll sense sister Ava is up to something and try to stop her from exposing herself to any more danger? Sadly, even he tries, he won’t be able to stop the plan she has in motion to get back at Ryan.

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6. Nina Shocked

GH spoilers indicate that Nina will face some really surprising news. Could she find out about Valentin’s fake daughter scheme and Sasha? Might be too early for that reveal; however, there’s a good chance she could get closer and closer to the truth next week. With actress Michelle Stafford on her way out of GH, and headed back to the Young and the Restless, this storyline is sure to wrap up during May sweeps. It’s on the horizon.

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5. Curtis In Canada

GH spoilers indicate that Curtis will plan to head to Canada in hopes to gather more information on Ryan. Meanwhile, Ava will attempt to reach out to Kevin multiple times next week; however, she’ll get rejected. That won’t stop Ava, she’ll continue to try and do all she can in order to pull off her revenge plot against Ryan.

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4. Kristina Slips Away

GH spoilers tease that Kristina may end up slipping out of the safehouse. Turns out that Alexis will either be so distraught that Kristina will make a move and leave, or she’ll get a little careless over her “watch” duties. Teasers indicate that Neil will also reach out to comfort Alexis this week. Doesn’t sound good; Kristina leaving that house spells out massive trouble for her and her parents.

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3. DOD Drama

Speaking of, the DOD drama will continue this coming week, as Shiloh will confront Jason. As such, Morgan and Corinthos will have a pow-wow of sorts, discussing and debating what their next move should be. In related GH spoilers, Willow will hide something in the next coming days.

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2. Peter Is Surprised

DOOL spoilers tease that Peter will be caught off guard this coming week, and it seems that Lulu will have a surprise of sorts for him. In another related Lulu teaser, she’ll be eager to help someone out with something this week. Does this mean she jumps on board with the Ryan revenge plot?

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1. More Spoilers!

Chase will be on to something big next week, leading him on the right track; meanwhile, Mac will be overly upset over something he learns about. Rounding out GH spoilers, Margaux will confess something, and Sonny will try his hardest to distract Carly with other things, to keep her mind off any stress.

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