General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (September 28, 2020)

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Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! What’s on tap for the coming week? Valentin will be involved in a disagreement, while two exes will reminisce. Also, a parent will have a concern. Learn about these storylines and others in the GH spoilers for the week of September 28, 2020.

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9. Valentin’ Altercation

GH spoilers hint that Valentin will have a disagreement of sorts early next week. Who could he be arguing with? There’s a long list of people; however, this could have to do with ELQ. Not everyone is happy with the way he is running things right now. He may also get into it with Peter.

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8. Ned and Alexis

GH spoilers tease that these exes will reminisce about their past in the coming days. Ned helped Alexis last week when she was dealing with a fracture, which led to her osteoporosis diagnosis. He may follow up to see how she’s doing. Is there a reunion on the horizon for these two?

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7. Homecoming Fun

GH spoilers indicate that the teen scene is gearing up for their homecoming, so expect a ton of cool outfits, gossip, and some drama. Added teasers reveal that Joss will get organized for the big event early next week. The gang is set to gather at Jax’s house for some photos, so it should make for some fun scenes.

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6. Portia’s Concern

GH spoilers suggest that Portia will express some concerns in the coming days. Could this be directed to Trina about homecoming? Could be about Cam. Then again, with all that is going on at the hospital, Portia could be worried about Cyrus’ influence on her place of employment. Either way, she’ll be vocal about her worries.

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5. Julian’s World

According to GH spoilers, Julian will be given a tempting offer next week. Could this be by Britt? Perhaps, this has to do with mob business? In other Julian news, Sam will confront him about something next week. Could this be about his “friendship” with Britt? It might be about something else he’s wrapped up in.

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4. Nina and Carly

These two are going to get that much closer next week! GH spoilers suggest bonding time between these two ladies, as they continue to deepen their friendship. Carly doesn’t “bond” with many females, so the idea of her and Nina being friends is nice. Too bad it’ll blow up once she finds out what she did to her daughter.

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3. Sonny and Cyrus

GH spoilers state that Sonny will get a call next week, and it’ll be about Cyrus. Corinthos will be back in full-time mob mode soon, and he’s bound to start an offense when it comes to Cyrus. There will be no holding back, and nothing to hold him back now.

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2. Nikolas Won’t Accept It

GH spoilers suggest that Nikolas will be in denial about something next week. Will Ava poke him about their romp? Could she tease him that he’s caught some feelings? Maybe Franco will dig into him about his marriage. Regardless, Nikolas won’t accept what is being thrown at him.

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1. Pre-emption Due to MLB Coverage

GH will be pre-empted this coming week from Tuesday, September 29th to Thursday, October 1st, due to MLB coverage. There’s a small chance around pre-emption for the Friday, October 2nd episode. The soap will rebroadcast shows from February 2015 for the three or possibly four days. Shows should resume the week of October 5th.

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