Bella Thorne Opens Up About Performing On ‘The Masked Singer’ After Being Revealed As The Swan

The best thing about The Masked Singer, is that the celebrities under the costumes really could be anyone, and while they give clues to their true identity, it isn’t always easy to figure out.

On Wednesday night’s episode yet another celebrity was revealed however and it turned out that actress Bella Thorne was underneath The Swan after being eliminated following her performance of Joan Jett’s “I Hate Myself for Loving You.”

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After her elimination, the 22-year-old opened up about her experience on the show and why she dedicated her song to judge Ken Jeong. “Poor guy, he’s always making some really far out guesses. That’s why I wanted to also throw that tribute to him because I love Ken Jeong.”

Thorne then revealed that she chose the Swan costume because it was “different” than her usual “tomboy” personality. “I really liked the Swan because I thought it was such a difference from my personality,” she explained. “I thought people were really going to be surprised that it’s me because I’m more of a tomboy, so it was like, ‘let me go pick a character that’s super graceful and elegant.’

She also revealed that some of her famous friends reached out to her after the big reveal because they were so surprised. “My friend Logan Paul was the most shocked. He was like, “What?! No way!” He loves The Masked Singer. I’m getting hella DMs right now just being like: “No flipping way!”; “Great job!”; “Wow, I’m so shocked!” But I think honestly the most surprised was me. I was the most surprised that I’m going to go dance in a costume on the show and tried my best. I was so nervous. That was all I could think about was how nervous I was.”

The actress also opened up about how performing usually gives her very bad anxiety, but having the costumes on The Masked Singer changes all that. “My anxiety is crazy when it comes to the stage. The Swan mask definitely helped though,” she revealed. “Usually when I performed in the past — I’ve performed at Billboard and a few really big festivals and whatnot — and right after I’m done I get off stage and I have to throw up because I’m so nervous that I feel it coming while I’m on stage. I’m literally so nervous. On The Masked Singer I didn’t [throw up], not once and I think it was because the Swan mask made it so I didn’t feel as nervous. I felt nervous in my heart and my body wasn’t actually as nervous as it usually is when I’m performing, so that was super interesting.”

After her stint on The Masked Singer, Thorne has a lot in the works. She revealed that not only is she working on new music, but she also has a new development deal with Fox for both scripted and unscripted shows. “I already have some really great non-scripted material to pitch and now I’m thinking about the scripted version as well. I’d really love to make something that is a dark version of Riverdale meets more psychological meets Gossip Girl, the type of show you can’t help but watch it every single second every single day. I’ve just been researching and writing now that I really do have time to do all that.”

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays (8 p.m. ET) on Fox.



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