Blake Shelton And Miranda Lambert’s Divorce Documents Are Causing Drama

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The divorce between country superstars Blake Shelton, 39, and Miranda Lambert, 31, came as a surprise, but not because they seemed to have a perfectly happy marriage (because they didn’t), but because of how quick it all happened.

On Tuesday, July 20, the two stars released a joint statement announcing their divorce and then it was revealed that it was not impending and had already happened, as they had signed the documents that day.

Now questions are being raised about why their divorce documents have been sealed with a former Oklahoma state representative saying, “there’s some shenanigans going on.”

Former rep. Aaron Stiles says that the judge who sealed their divorce records was not following the law when he did so because the order to seal must be made public for divorce, civil and other public cases and can only be done if privacy interests outweigh public interests, making many wonder what they are hiding. “I cannot imagine a compelling privacy interest that would cause a judge to seal an entire civil or divorce case,” Stiles said of the divorce handling.

Meanwhile, more drama was stirred when TMZ reported that Shelton had removed all of Miranda’s things from inside his Oklahoma ranch and had it all moved to the porch. While it looked like a move of anger or spite, they quickly cleared up that these are things she does not want anymore and they will be going to charity or will be being given away.

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