Carole Baskin’s Late Husband’s Family Speaks Out About His Disappearance During A DWTS Commercial

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Don Lewis’s family is still searching for justice and answers about his disappearance.

During the Dancing With The Stars premiere on Monday night, when Tiger King‘s Carole Baskin made her dancing debut, a commercial aired from the family of Don Lewis. The 60-year-old millionaire and animal sanctuary owner disappeared in 1997 and was later declared dead. At the time that he went missing, Lewis and Baskin were married.

In the “Justice for Don Lewis” commercial, Lewis’ family and their attorney ask for tips about his disappearance to be sent to 646-450-6530 or 1-800-litigate. The family is also currently offering a $100,000 reward for information about his disappearance.

The commercial begins with Lewis’ three daughters, Gale, Lynda, and Donna, asking for the public’s help to find their father.”I’m Gale, one of Don Lewis’ daughters. We are a real family and to us, he was daddy,” says Gale.

“I’m Lynda, one of Don Lewis’ daughters, and we miss our dad,” says Lynda. “I’m Donna. I’m Don Lewis’ oldest daughter. We need to know what happened to our father,” shares Donna.

Lewis’ longtime assistant Anne, who was featured in Tiger King, continues: “I’m Anne, Don’s former assistant. All we’re asking is justice for Don.”

John’s attorney explains, “Don Lewis mysteriously disappeared in 1997. His family deserves answers, they deserve justice. Do you know who did this or if Carole Baskin was involved?”

Don Lewis disappeared on Aug. 18, 1997, when deputies found his van abandoned at a nearby airport. Lewis allegedly had planned to take a trip to Costa Rica. Police found no signs of a struggle inside the vehicle and never found evidence that he left the country.

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