Charlie Sheen Blasts Kim Kardashian Via Twitter

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Oh, celebrities. Always fighting over the sillies.

Charlie Sheen threw some verbal bombs toward Kim Kardashian on Tuesday via Twitter. Unfortunately, the tweets have since been removed, but we know how things go in the 21st century. Seriously, we’re shin deep into this 100 year stretch. If it’s controversial, there are gonna be several million screen grabs.

Before we get into what Charlie said to Kim, let’s address what it was Kim did–or didn’t do–that set Charlie off. It would seem that one of Charlie’s little girls is a fan of Kim Kardashian, and she wanted Kim’s autograph. According to Mr. Tiger Blood himself, Kim refused the opportunity to share her signature with Charlie’s six year old daughter.

And… then things got ugly.

Charlie left no stone unturned, and took shots at everything Kim has to offer. Nothing was off the table. He even criticized her by using her greatest asset. Is that possible? Oh. It’s possible.

He brought Kanye West into the mix, but didn’t insult the rapper. He simply used Kanye as a tool to throw another hard shot at Kim. That Sheen… he’s a wordsmith when it comes to hurting other people’s feelings. We can only guess that this was his official resignation for attempting to procure Kim’s autograph as well.

We gotta admit. Kim’s staying power has become quite impressive. You’d think that a one hit wonder would fade into the background, only offering the opportunity for a few future appearances, or by later parenting a cash cow (Billy Ray Cyrus).

Wanna know exactly what Charlie said? Check out the video below.

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