Dancing With The Stars Season 28 Reveals New Voting Twist As First Elimination Is Made

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Week two of Dancing With the Stars really began to separate the level of dancers, and also meant that someone had to be the first sent home on season 28, but not before the new voting twist was revealed!

This season, the fans live votes both online and via text will be combined with the judges’ scores leading to a final two, but now it will ultimately be up to Len Goodman, Bruno Tonoli, and Carrie Ann Inaba to pick which pair to save and who has to be eliminated.

Before the first newly formatted elimination could take place however, the stars had to dance for a second time to reveal their combined scores.

Lamar Odom and Peta Muragtroyd performed a salsa after Odom opened up in the video package about the night he overdosed and suffering from short-term memory loss ever since which means that Peta has to go over the moves again and again. Lamar was very defeated after his dance and seemed convinced he would be going home. The paired earned a 12 for their dance, and combined with their previous week’s score of 11, they earned a total 23 out of a possible 60.

Also landing near the bottom of the pack was Sean Spicer and Lindsay Arnold. The pair danced a tango and after week one’s bright salsa, the judges said he was definitely better. The duo earned a 16 out of 20, and combined with their previous score of 12, they finished with a total 28 out of 60.

Ray Lewis may have been a terrifying force on the grid iron, but he is having a little more trouble on the dance floor. Cheryl Burke tried her best to get the NFL Hall of Famer to be light on his feet for their dance, but ended up with a score of 15, the same as week one, for a total score of 30.

The Supremes singer Mary Wilson tackled the cha-cha for week two with Brandon Armstrong, and although there were mistakes, the judges still enjoyed the dance and gave her a score of 15, which didn’t quite meet her week one score of 15. Mary and Brandon ended with a total score of 32.

Sailor Brinkley-Cook was eager to prove herself after her first official full week of rehearsing after stepping in for her mother with only three days notice in week one. This week the model was challenged to be sensual for a sexy rumba with Val Chmerkovskiy. Although she struggled to stay consistent, she earned another 18, giving her a total of 36 for the two weeks.

A total of five stars ended up with a total score of 36 after the two weeks. Along with Sailor, Karamo and Jenna Johnson earned an improved 19 for their quickstep which combined with their previous 17 made for a total 36. Ally Brooke and Sasha Farber earned an impressive 20 for their Viennese Waltz which along with their week one score of 16, gave them a total of 36. Kel Mitchell tripped up a little during his samba with Witney Carson but still scored a 20 which combined with his 16, also earned a 36. Actress Kate Flannery saw a huge improvement in week two, and the judges were singing her praises after her foxtrot with Pasha Pashkov and they earned a 21, up from a 15 in week one.

Country star Lauren Alaina channeled her most confident self for her Paso doble to Demi Lovato’s “Confident.” The judges called it a “focused performance” and gave her another 19 and combined with her week one score of 19 helped her pull away from the pack with a total of 38.

Week one’s leader James Van Der Beek had a lot to live for after his score of 21, and this week he did his best to deliver an energetic cha-cha with Emma Slater. The judges weren’t as impressed this time and he scored a 20 for a total score of 41.

After two weeks the leader ended up being The Bachelorette’s Hannah Brown, who revealed she had dance training in ballet for many years before she quit. Hannah and Alan danced a beautiful Viennese waltz and ended with a score of 24 for a combined total of 44.

In the end, it was Ray Lewis and Cheryl Burke, and Mary Wilson and Brandon Armstrong who were in the bottom two after all of the fans votes and judges scores were combined, leading to the first ever final decision call the judges had to make. While Carrie Ann Inaba said her vote was to save Mary, Bruno opted to save Ray Lewis which meant it came down to Len to be the tie-breaker. Len said he had to go with his brain, and his brain was telling him to save Ray Lewis, sending Mary Wilson home.

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