Kim Kardashian And Hilary Duff Attend Same Parenting Class

Helga Esteb /

What do Kim Kardashian and Hilary Duff have in common?

Their adorable kids, of course!

The two celeb moms were spotted attending the same parenting class in Beverly Hills this week — specifically, a music class just for tots. Kim’s daughter North is 11 months old, while Hilary’s son Luca is 2. Given North’s dad Kanye’s music career and Hilary’s own singing past, perhaps both kids are budding little pop stars in the making?

Kim and Hilary both were stylish and casual in their own ways. Hilary wore short jean shorts, brown booties and a loose button-up polka dot shirt, while Kim was rocking sky-high red stilettos with tight, light wash skinny jeans and a v-neck grey t-shirt. Check out the video to see their parenting class looks!

It’s not clear if Hilary and Kim interacted during the class or if they’re strangers.

Before heading into the class, Hilary greeted her husband Mike Comrie with a big hug. She and Mike are legally separated, but rumors have swirled that they may be reconciling sometime in the future.

Either way, Hilary’s certainly got her hands full with her toddler. She recently tweeted, “So Luca got a bead stuck up his nose yesterday. I guess I can add surgeon to my list of accomplishments.” Yikes!

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