Kim Kardashian And Kanye West ‘Have Grown Apart’ And Are ‘Considering Divorce’

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been on rocky terms for quite a while now!

While the duo has been extremely supportive of each other in public, there have been many ups and downs behind the scenes and they’ve been considering divorce for a few years.

“Kim and Kanye have grown apart and the couple is considering divorce,” an inside source shared with Entertainment Tonight. “The two love each other unconditionally but have grown apart over the years and it’s come to a point where it might be too far gone to save now.”

“Kim and Kanye are no stranger to fighting for their love and one another but they want to be at a place where things are amicable and easy so they can co-parent,” the source adds.

On Wednesday, Kim posted an official statement on Instagram following Kanye’s Twitter rant. A source shared at the time that Kim was “completely devastated” over the tweets.

Following Kim’s statement, the inside source shared that what happens next is largely Kanye’s decision. “Kim and the family would like Kanye to get help and see the medical professionals he’s seen in the past who have helped him deal with his bipolar disorder,” the source says. “Although Kanye is refusing anything from Kim and the family, they are hopeful he will come to his senses and work with them to get help.”

“Kim is giving Kanye space as she doesn’t want to upset him but she reached out numerous times,” the source continues. “Right now, a lot is in Kanye’s hands as he’s the one who has to face his mental illness and seek help.”

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