Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Set Wedding Date!

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Kim Kardashian have finally set a wedding date!

Though the famous pair got engaged five months go, they’ve been slow to provide details about their upcoming wedding, which Kim has said will be more low-key than people are thinking.

But recently Kim revealed that they’ll be getting married this summer in Paris, the city of love that she and Kanye have been spending a lot of time in. And now, they’ve set a date! Check out the video to see when it is — it’s sooner than you you might think!

Kim, 33, has said that she and Kanye, 36, have been taking different roles when it comes to wedding planning. He’s in charge of the music, while she’s in charge of the seating chart, for example.

But even as paparazzi plan to descend on Paris on that special day, they might not find a giant celebrity spectacle; Kim insists that the nuptials will be “small and intimate.” Though rumors swirled that Kim and Kanye would get married at the Palace of Versailles  – you can’t really get more opulent than that! – the tales turned out to be false. (The couple simply took a tour of the palace.)

The next mystery to solve: WHERE in Paris will the wedding take place?

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