Kim Kardashian Hair Flip Video Spoofed By Jenner Step Brother!

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Move over Kim, you’ve got a little competition from step-brother Brandon.

To many, Kim Kardashian is definitively sexy. To others, she’s definitively goofy. 20 years ago, people would have said, “She’s such a ditz.” And that she is. She seems sweet enough, but she’s always opening the door when public humiliation comes knocking. Her most recent grab at attention wasn’t the worst, but it was still bad enough that her step-brother, Brandon Jenner, created an online spoof.

Kim recently posted a short video doing a hair flip in a swimming pool while vacationing in Thailand. Sure, it’s a good flip. A really good one. The hair makes a full and approximate 270 degree rotation, pulling the water with it in glorious fashion. It’s not out of the ordinary to do this when have long hair, and you find yourself in a body of water. And because it’s 2014, there is a generational, inherent desire to post pics of everything. Especially when you’re a teenager. But Kim is 33. Thirty. Three. Thirty-three years old! At a certain point, isn’t stuff like this absurdly narcissistic?

You don’t need to answer that. It’s hypothetical.

But it is.

In that vein of thought, step-brother Brandon decided he would playfully take a jab at his sister via social media, and he posted his own beautiful hair flip on Instagram. Honestly… we’ve got some stiff competition, here. Brandon shows of locks that would make many girls jealous, and his flip is deliciously snarky, without all the snark. You dig?

If you haven’t seen the side by side, or enjoyed either flip, check out the video below to see Brandon get the better of Kim.

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