Kim Kardashian Racially Attacked On Plane

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We  had already heard about an incident at a Vienna ball where a guest dressed in black face as Kanye West to upset  Kim Kardashian — and now Kim has opened up about another racial incident on a plane.

On Keeping Up With the Kardashians, we get to see Kim actually attend the ball, and thenman who dressed in costume in some kind of weird joke.

But even more offensive was a woman on a plane who went up to Kim and began screaming at her baby North. Kim says she woke up to hear a stranger yelling racial things about her child — check out the video to see what this person said.

When Kim relayed the incident to her mom Kris and sister Khloe, Khloe said “I would have punched her in the face.” As an E! host noted, Kim was unable to react in a big way or have her security personnel deal with the woman because she was stuck on a plane, where you’re not allowed to do anything aggressive.

Kim has also made headlines recently for sharing a photo of herself with a new, shockingly blonde ‘do — but it turns out that she was just wearing an impressive wig. She’s now back to her signature raven-haired look, but take a look at the video to see her blonde transformation!

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