Kim Kardashian Remains Loyal To Blackberry

carrie-nelson /

It isn’t even fair suggesting Kim Kardashian loves a single Blackberry phone… she has many of them, and keeps them stocked in the event one of her’s breaks down.

Yes. Kim has an iPhone. Yes. Kim uses her iPhone for the tremendous amounts of social media that keep her business rolling strong, and always in the public eye. But. Kim still prefers her Blackberry to the iPhone for tasks like email. This means Kim uses her Blackberry in excess of her iPhone, meaning she needs some stellar backup options. And you can’t argue with that. Given the option to Swype and email, or sit down to a QWERTY keyboard, and clack it out, we’ll all take the keyboard, right?

In terms of make and model, it’s not as simple as buying the latest Blackberry for Kim. There’s a particular model that she loves. Yes. It’s arbitrary. And this model has long since been discontinued. Kim likes to keep three in stock, so when one goes down, she’s straight to Ebay, looking for a replacement.

Isn’t this the way of it? There are some things that simply can’t be replaced. Who knows if Kim is superstitious about this particular phone model? Maybe it was the model she used when she signed her first monster contract, or was responsible for the email correspondence having to do with that contract. Or maybe it just fits nicely in her petite hand…?

One thing is for certain, we can rest assured that Kim sleeps with that thing, if she sleeps at all.


James Sheldon