Kim Kardashian’s Assistant Crashes Her $300,000 Car

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We’ve all made mistakes on the job, but have you ever crashed your boss’s $300,000 car?

Kim Kardashian’s assistant did just that.

Apparently, Kim is an understanding boss, because she’s not holding the employee responsible for damages to her black Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II, which may need up to $20,000 in repairs after Kim’s assistant accidentally reversed it into a mailbox while trying to maneuver it out of Kim’s driveway. The Rolls Royce now has a large dent and a number of scratches on its rear panel.

The car accident took place over the weekend, when Kim and her husband Kanye West were busy throwing a Coachella-themed first birthday party for their daughter, North. The “Kidchella” included face painting, snow cones, a bounce house, a ferris wheel and other festival goodies. North even wore a tan fringe outfit, gladiator sandals and a flowered crown!

There’s no word about whether the assistant has been fired as a result of the mistake, but we’re guessing that if Kim is nice enough to pay for the damage, she’s also nice enough to let the employee keep her job.

Of course, Kim pulled in $10 million in 2013, so it’s not as though $20,000 is a huge chunk of change for her.

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Amanda Young