Kimye’s Official Wedding Photos

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Love ’em, hate ’em or don’t care about ’em–there’s no arguing that beauty and style were on display at the Kim and Kanye wedding. From gowns to tuxes, the bride, groom and their guests were dressed to the nines.

The first official photos have been released, including enough photographic ammo that a smart BuzzFeed contributor was able to modify the famed Kim and Kanye wedding kiss into Kanye marrying Kanye. This is likely perfection in the eyes of Mr. West.

All sarcasm aside, the couple was absolutely stunning in dress and presence, and the black and white photo booth was a wonderful way to get a few sneak peeks from wedding guests before the official photos were released.

We can rest assured that the photo-roll will eventually be offered on a Kardashian-owned entity or affiliate. Until then, fans will have to enjoy the few offerings made available by the couple, their photographer or the fine folks who attended the ceremony who might have been able to sneak a few candids.

It wasn’t so long ago that we were all looking at the photos of Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kris Humphries way back in 2011. And for those who don’t already know, she was married back in 2000 to music producer, Damon Thomas. You can probably dig around and find some photos from that wedding, too, though judging the time frame, they were likely shot on film. This was also pre-Kim and Ray J, so she hadn’t sold her soul just yet, and nobody really knew who she was.

In Touch has countered all the wedding coverage with an interview from Thomas, who is not a fan of Kim K. That’s what you call some drama!

Check out the video below to see some pics from Kim’s latest wedding, as well as a few fun shots from the photo booth.

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