Lauren Alaina Reveals She Has Lost 25 Lbs. On Dancing With The Stars

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One thing many contestants who join Dancing With the Stars don’t expect is just how difficult the training is, but this also means that many have undergone very noticeable body transformations due to the rigorous workouts.

After Sean Spicer revealed he has already lost 17 lbs. during his time on season 28, his fellow contestant Lauren Alaina has revealed she has lost 25 lbs. so far!

“I’ve lost, like, 25 pounds since July,” she told Us Weekly . “None of my clothes fit.” Her pro partner Gleb Savchenko, added, “You’re welcome.”

Spicer, 48, also revealed that his pro partner Lindsay Arnold is the reason for his weight loss as well. “She’s relentless. We don’t waste a moment, and it’s the cardio workout of the century,” he revealed.  “Dancing With the Stars, as I say, isn’t just a show, it’s a weight loss program. You’re working hard every day and you don’t have time to sit around and snack.”

The Office actress Kate Flannery said she has also seen a change over the five weeks.  “I lost a little weight, which is fantastic,” she told Us Weekly. “And it’s none of your business what I weighed before!” She did reveal the difference in the scale number, however. “I think it’s about 15 [pounds], maybe a little under that. Maybe like 12.”

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Dancing With the Stars airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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