Soaps Star Vincent Irizarry Provides Update After Emergency Surgery

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Soaps star Vincent Irizarry is in good spirits following emergency surgery. 

After sharing the news of Irizarry’s beating and hospitalization on Friday, March 11th, girlfriend Yvonne Glisson updated concerned fans on Sunday. And a few hours later, Irizarry chimed in as well!

“Thank you all who have reached out, commented, reposted or shared your thoughts and prayers,” Glisson wrote on Facebook. “Vincent’s surgeon performed the procedure early this A.M. skillfully but finding a bit more than he expected.”

“A bit more” refers to the amount of fluid that had accumulated in Irizarry’s brain as a result of his concussion.

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“While that may have been a surprise, it wasn’t anything that couldn’t be handled by the doctor,” she confirmed. “He has been watched and tested all day and thankfully fluid has not increased again.” 

“They will keep him there and be watching for that or any complications and observing his condition before sending him home,” she continued. “Otherwise, Vincent has been awake all day talking, eating and being his ever charming self even with his head bandaged and tubes coming out all over him!”

This will surely be a relief to Irizarry’s many fans, who were sending prayers and sharing concerns following the scary news of his condition on Friday. But, of course, it’s even better to hear from the patient himself!

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“I can honestly say being brought to the hospital for an emergency operation to remove a hematoma from my head wasn’t the plan I had for this weekend,” Irizarry wrote on Instagram Sunday evening.

As for the “overwhelming expressions of support, prayers and loving concern”, the Young and the Restless and Days Of Our Lives alum had a special message for his fans: “Honestly, I am moved beyond my ability to fully express my gratitude. Your words of support and encouragement uplifted me through it all and continues to do so.”

After thanking Glisson for her love and support – and wishing her a happy birthday – Irizarry also commented on his recovery efforts. “Happy to share with all of you that the surgery went well,” he proclaimed. “I’m looking forward to getting home and beginning the healing process.”

“They say ‘time heals all wounds’,” Irizarry added. “Well, I guess it’s time for me to put that maxim to the test.”

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