Who Is Tom Cruise’s New Crush?

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At  52, Tom Cruise is living life like he’s 20, as he’s been seen doing some crazy stunts while on set for Mission: Impossible 5 (yes there are now five of them and when the first one came out Cruise was only 34).

As well as keeping himself busy with stunts and acting, it seems he’s dating like he’s 20 as well.

He was recently linked to supermodel Miranda Kerr and to none other than 28-year old Lindsay Lohan although both denied the rumors they were seeing each other.

While many were thinking what could a 28-year old Lohan and 52-year old Cruise have in common, it would probably be easier to figure out than Cruise and his new supposed crush.

Reports from the set of Mission: Impossible 5 indicate that Cruise is flirting with his 22-year old on-set assistant, Emily.

“He’s always flirting with her. Most people on the film have noticed how into her he is,” a source has stated.

While the flirting has been so obvious everyone has noticed, apparently Cruise would like to keep it professional while filming is underway.

“He’s already asked Emily to go out to dinner with him, on a date, when they’re done shooting,” a source said. “…have never seen him crush on anyone so hard!”

That is most definitely going to be one interesting dinner conversation considering the huge age gap. To put it into perspective,  she was only 4 when a 34-year old Cruise was celebrating the release of Mission: Impossible in 1996.

However, Cruise has a reputation for going after girls who grew up crushing on him. Tom’s ex-wife, Katie Holmes, admitted to having a huge crush on Tom when she was a teen, only to eventually marry him when she was 28 and he was 44.

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