Young And The Restless: Plotline Predictions For April 2019

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Spring has finally sprung in Genoa City, and as the temperatures get warmer, the drama is sure to heat up as well! With May sweeps on the horizon, what’s in store for fans of the Young and the Restless (Y&R) this month? Learn more about some crazy and surprising Y&R plot predictions for April 2019 by reading the below.

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12. Jabot Will Soar

Now that Jackie is back in charge, expect Jabot to flourish under his leadership. He’s done some sneaky things in the past; however, honoring his father’s legacy by going about things the right way this time around will be on top of mind for Abbott. It’s Jack’s time to prove that he is the right person to run Jabot.

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11. Lauren Looks Out For Lauren

Y&R spoilers indicate that Lauren will try and see if there is any way that Fenmore’s can break their contract with Jabot. Right now, she sees a sinking ship with all that Ashley has done to the company, and Lauren wants out. While Jabot will get back on its feet, Lauren and Fenmore’s will prove to be a thorn in Jack’s side, as he struggles to get his dad’s company off the ground again.

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10. Goodbye Phyllis, For Now

It’s no secret: current Phyllis (actress Gina Tognoni) is out of the role, and moving back home is past Phyllis, played by Michelle Stafford (the one who originated the role). It would be no shocker if Phyllis left Genoa City for a week or so sometime in April. After all, getting booted out of the CEO role at Jabot was devastating for her, and with no love life, she’ll need to recoup for a comeback.

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9. Phyllis Rocks Genoa City

Enter, Michelle Stafford. Let’s face it: right now, Phyllis is riding a very low wave. She just got canned from her job and was dumped by Nick. She has no friends (thanks to throwing Nikki, Sharon, and Vicky under the bus, plus Kerry leaving town). When Stafford returns as Phyllis, she’ll do so with a huge bang. She may even have a scheme or two up her sleeve to worm her way back into Jabot.

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8. Love Life

But, the real question is, who will Phyllis dive into a relationship with once Michelle Stafford returns to the show? Yes, Nick just dumped her; however, as great as Gina Tognoni was, she never had any solid chemistry with Nick Newman – but – Stafford sure did. She also had a great connection with Jack, and viewers have yet to see Michelle’s version of Phyllis hooked up with Jason Thompson’s version of Billy. There’s a very good possibility that Phyllis turns to Jack. If she wants a job back at Jabot, she’ll need to sweet talk Abbott.

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7. Vicky’s New Mystery Life

Seems as if a new storyline is unraveling for Victoria. She’s placed the J.T. murder debacle behind her, and she clearly is looking for some time alone to gather her thoughts. But, is she taking it too far? Could Vicky be going through a mid-life crisis, or perhaps a struggle with mental health issues is on the horizon for this character?

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6. Billy Will Stand By Her Side

Billy has been concerned this week about Victoria, and despite the fact that she is not returning his texts, Y&R spoilers do reveal that she will realize she has feelings for him sometime in April. The two may reunite; however, her mystery life will become an issue they have to face as they travel together towards yet another attempt at making this relationship work.

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5. Summer Pregnant

While Kyle wants to be with Lola, and Lola stews over a relationship that could have been, Summer will still fret around the idea that her hubby could leave her for the woman that she saved from the brink of death. Having said that, Summer and Kyle did consummate their marriage, so a baby and pregnancy would continue to complicate this ever-intriguing love triangle.

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4. Mia The Trouble Maker

It was great to see Sharon and Rey hit the sheets this week and turn their “friendship” into romance (finally). But, we all know that Mia won’t walk away from Rey that easily, and it won’t take long for her to use her “pregnancy” against this new and budding relationship.

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3. Love Is In The Air

Speaking of the Rosales, Arturo really messed things up with Abby, and after the way she’s been hurt in the past, there is zero possibility that she’ll take him back now that she knows he cheated on her … and with Mia of all people! So, what’s next for Abby? Here’s hoping a new love! There’s always Devon, although a relationship between him and Elena seems like it’s in the cards. There’s also a new character coming to Genoa City, who will be played by primetime star Mark Taylor. Now there’s a possibility for Abby!

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2. Nick’s World

He just helped his mom, sister, and ex (Sharon) out of a huge legal jam, and there’s also a good possibility that he could hook up with corporate guru Rebekah Barlow soon; however, Nick needs to gear up for something bigger than a romance, which could really rock is world: the return of his brother Adam.

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1. Adam Newman’s Return

Adam Newman is set for a huge comeback, and Y&R spoilers state that the role has finally been filled, with actor Mark Grossman recast in the infamous part. Adam just may have one thing, and one thing only on his mind when it comes to a Genoa City return: his son, Christian. Nick is currently the child’s sole guardian, which would shake things up tremendously between these two brothers, and the Newman family in general.

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