Young And The Restless: Plotline Predictions For Spring 2019

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Spring has sprung in Genoa City, leaving some explosive drama along the way. Will Summer and Kyle last long now that Lola is better? How will Jack fair as Jabot’s new CEO? And what will become of Rey and Sharon? Below are some crazy Y&R plot predictions for spring 2019.

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12. Kyle And Lola

Could these two be diving into a bona fide affair? Y&R spoilers seem to be pointing in that direction! One major issue between Kyle and Lola was the fact that they never made love, as she was waiting for the right time. Come spring, married or not, Lola may find herself doing the unthinkable and having an affair with Kyle. He’s promised Summer a year of marriage, so having a side fling with the woman he’s really in love with makes sense in the land of daytime drama.

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11. Two Pregnancies?

Kyle’s already consummated his marriage with Summer, so there’s a very good possibility that she could end up pregnant with his child. While Summer was able to convince Kyle to marry her, she still has fears that he’ll leave her after Lola gets better. Having a baby together would solidify their union. Having said that, if he also cheats on Summer with Lola, he could end up with two baby mommies nearing the end of spring!

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10. Mia Skips Town

Y&R fans know that Arturo is on his way out of Genoa City, as actor Jason Canela recently revealed he is leaving the show. Now that it is confirmed that Mia will be leaving town too, fans can expect her to cause a ton of chaos before she leaves.

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9. Baby Mama Drama

Y&R spoilers tease that Sharon and Mia will have a war of words soon, and it seems there’s a chance that Mia will miscarry. She’ll start to feel a pain in her stomach, and whether that is the truth or lies, perhaps her pregnancy sham may be over and soon. Mia could feel as if she has no hopes of keeping Rey, so faking a miscarriage and pointing the blame at Sharon could help her chances and cause some stress in the Shey relationship.

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8. Shick Reunion?

Or do Sharon and Rey simply break up altogether? Y&R spoilers suggest Sharon will start to doubt him soon, and he may not be in her good books thanks to lying about Mia’s pregnancy. Could Y&R fans be gearing up for yet another Shick reunion? Sharon will start working for Nick at Dark Horse again, and this smells like a lot of trouble for the two.

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7. Old Love Triangle Re-Ignites

With actress Michelle Stafford back on the Y&R soon as Phyllis Summers, this changes the game for a lot of storylines. She had tremendous chemistry with Nick Newman, and her rivalry with Sharon was outstanding. If Shey breaks up, and Shick reunites, could Phyllis (once again) throw a wedge in their “happily ever after” plans?

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6. Possible Love Interests For Red

Michelle Stafford back as Phyllis is huge, as this could move storylines in so many other directions. Red and Jack also had tremendous chemistry, so a reunion with these two isn’t far-fetched either. Forget about a love triangle, could we see a love storyline that involves Jack, Sharon, Nick, and Phyllis once again? Then there’s the idea that Michelle Stafford’s version of Phyllis never hooked up with the current Billy, so what would their relationship look like? Then there’s always Kyle, but he has his hands full with women right now.

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5. Kevin’s Back … What Now?

Speaking of returns, it won’t be long before Y&R fans see Kevin Fisher back in the fold, but what could be the reasons behind his return? He may be coming back so that daughter Bella could see family, but with Kevin, anything is possible. Perhaps he’s once again fallen in legal woes and needs Michael to help bail him out. Could he also be missing Mariah? Her relationship with Tessa is lame, so perhaps she needs to give Kevin another try.

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4. Vicky Ends Up Pregnant

Seems like a reconciliation may be on the horizon between Billy and Vicky; however, how long will it take for Abbott to do something stupid to ruin it? Perhaps the relationship fails this time around because of something Vicky does? She has been living a bit of a crazy life during her time away from Genoa City, sleeping with a musician. What are the odds she’ll end up pregnant and not knowing who the father is (again)?

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3. Cane & Vicky

Or, does she turn to Cane once again? Their feelings and make-out sessions were never really resolved. Seems like Cane and Lily might be going through yet another downturn in their relationship. Lily is being released early, but not returning to Genoa City. Will Cane eventually turn to Vicky, or could the two engage in an affair due to frustration with their other partners?

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2. Adam Newman Return

Seems like Y&R fans are on the cusp of an Adam Newman comeback, but what would bring him back to Genoa City? His wife and son are out of town, and he doesn’t have that much of a connection to his family that remains there. Well, except for one little boy. What if Adam is alive and well, and has found Chelsea and Connor? The only thing missing from their perfect little family would be Christian. Adam returning for the little boy would undeniably rock Nick’s world.

1. Neil Winters Tribute

Y&R spoilers are promising a final storyline to pay tribute to the late Kristoff St. John, and his Neil Winters character. Residents of the small town will learn about Winters’ death on April 23rd with a two-show arc dedicated to honoring St. John and Winters. It’s hard to say just how the writers will decide Neil’s final chapter; however, his brother Malcolm (Shemar Moore) and daughter Lily (Christel Khalil) will return for it. Neil is a true family man, and being so close to where Lily resides, there is a good chance the character passes on in a fashion where he defends his family. Regardless, it is a tribute most Y&R fans won’t want to miss.

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