Young And The Restless: Spoilers For March 2019

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Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans have been glued to their television screens in February, wondering what will happen next in the land of Genoa City. Seems like the show is promising more of the same come March! Learn about some deals to be made, character returns, and some new faces that are ready to pop up, in the below crazy and shocking Y&R March spoilers.

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12. Ashley Is On Her Way Back!

Anyone miss actress Eileen Davidson? If you answered “yes” to that question then you won’t want to miss the Y&R in late March. Ashley Abbott promises to make a splashing return on the soap come March 28th. Don’t get too comfortable fans, it is being reported that her stay in Genoa City will be a short one.

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11. The Abbott Clan Together Again

Interestingly enough, Ashley is not the only Abbott set for a return. According to Beth Maitland’s Instagram, who plays Traci Abbott on the show, the actress is headed to Genoa City as well. Will Traci be joining her sister in fun or battle? What could be so going on where both Traci and Ashley needed to be involved?

10. Short, But Sweet, Storyline

It’s not clear how long Traci’s storyline will last; however, Ashley will only be on the soap for two days in March. The Abbott men (Billy, Kyle, and Jack) are looking to overthrow Phyllis in that top Jabot CEO spot, so could Ash and Traci be coming in to help, or maybe trying to stop the boys? There’s also a good chance the ladies are back in town to celebrate something fun, and with Arturo and Abby’s wedding on the horizon, we may see a wedding happen (or get stopped) very soon!

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9. Kyle Makes A Deal

Y&R spoilers suggest that Kyle will make a deal of sorts in early March. Could this have to do with Jabot, or potentially Lola? He’s been so keen on being by her side, but Arturo has been very stubborn in keeping him away. Hopefully he can strike a deal up with big brother Rosales so he can visit Lola in her time of need.

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8. Lola’s Condition

Lola is in bad shape right now, and will most likely continue like this for a bit. As doctors look for a potential liver donor, seems like a match will eventually come to fruition. Having said that, Y&R spoilers do indicate that she will be okay in the long run, so that’s some promising news for March!

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7. Doug Davidson Returns!

After he was shockingly let go from the show in 2018, it seems like everyone’s favorite police detective is finally set for a return to the Y&R! Actor Eric Braeden (who plays the Victor Newman) recently confirmed that Doug Davidson (a.k.a. Paul Williams) was back on the Y&R set via his Twitter account. With all that is going on with the J.T.’s murder, the trial, and Phyllis’ deal, Genoa City could really use him right now.

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6. Thad Luckinbill’s Comeback

Speaking of J.T., the Young and the Restless Twitter handle recently posted a picture of actor Thad Luckinbill in Crimson Lights, enjoying a coffee. The caption of the tweet implied that J.T. was on a coffee break, which indeed means that Luckinbill was on the set, and potentially ready for another run.

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5. J.T. Returns?

But, is J.T. back … or does he have a twin? The possibilities are endless when it comes to soaps; however, with Luckinbill back on the Y&R, there is sure to be some sort storyline that relates to J.T. There’s even a possibility that he could come back as a ghost, or in a dream sequence. Guess fans will find out very soon, either way.

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4. Phyllis Looks Out For Herself

What else is new? Y&R spoilers for March indicate that Red will look out for her own interests this month. She’s lost Nick, a place to live, and is on the brink of losing her comfy CEO Jabot job; however, don’t count Phyllis out just yet. She may still have a trick or two up her sleeve.

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3. Victoria Defends

With all that has gone down as of late in the courtroom, it seems that Vicky will have to defend her actions at some point in early March. Perhaps she’ll need to relay her side of the story in the entire J.T. murder case — the emotional and physical abuse she endured, and what led to Hellstrom’s murder in the end.

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2. Michael Is Challenged

Michael is the go-to attorney for everyone in Genoa City because he’s amazing at what he does. Having said that, Y&R spoilers indicate that this Hellstrom case will be an uphill battle for Baldwin. As Phyllis sold the other ladies out, Christine has a pretty solid offensive attack in that courtroom, and Michael will realize getting Nikki, Sharon, and Vicky off the hook for J.T.’s murder might be harder than he first thought.

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1. New Character Alert!

According to, actress Brytni Sarpy (who plays Valerie on General Hospital) has landed a part within Genoa City and has begun taping, so there is a good chance fans will meet the new Y&R character in March. Sarpy will be portraying the role of Elena Dawson, someone who is set to interact with a number of main players within the show.

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