Young And The Restless: Plotline Predictions For September 2019

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September signifies the end of summer, and back to routine for many; however, when it comes to the land of Genoa City, it’s the same old-same old! Meaning, the same scandal, same romance, and same drama Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans are used to! What will happen this month on the Y&R? One can only speculate, so below are some crazy and shocking plot predictions for September 2019.

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12. Adam Crosses A Line

Y&R spoilers for this month indicate that the feud between Adam and his dad will only continue to heat up. At some point, Adam will cross a line, and it seems as if what he does will turn his family upside down. Could he try and steal Newman Enterprises from under the Moustache’s nose? Perhaps he launches a lawsuit of sorts in an attempt to rob Victor of his assets and fortune.

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11. Kola In Jeopardy

Summer is far more preoccupied with Theo these days; however, with Kyle’s new gig as Jabot’s interim CEO, Y&R spoilers hint that they’ll be working a lot closer together with longer nights at the office. Could they end up mixing some pleasure with business? They do have a history together, and anything is possible.

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10. Love Square

Meanwhile, across town, it seems as if Lola will start to get concerned about Kyle and Summer’s business relationship. After all, Summer was very smitten with her hubby for a long time. With Theo looking to ruin Kyle, could he try and move in on Lola during those lonely nights that Kyle is at the office?

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9. Jack’s Journey

Jack is off on a mission to fill a void in his life, and fans are all too aware that the only thing missing for him right now is love. He also seems to want to learn more about why his mom truly left his dad all those years to boot. Could Jack not only stumble on the truth, but also find that special lady to help share his life with?

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8. Paul’s On The Case

According to Y&R September spoilers, Paul Williams will be busy this month with a controversial case in town. Seems as the investigation will also hold “make or break” the reputation of someone in Genoa City. This really could be anything from a murder mystery to arson; however, it also could mean that Michael has slipped up as D.A. If Paul finds out that Michael has done anything unethical, his name in GC could be trashed.

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7. Grand Phoenix Disaster

Phyllis does feel jolted around being pushed out of the Grand Phoenix venture, and Y&R spoilers for the month indicate the grand opening will end in disaster, which is sure to have Chelsea and Abby reeling. Seems as if Red will be behind it all, but what could she possibly do to bring this down? Food poisoning? Tamper with the plumbing? Phyllis can be very handy when she wants to be.

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6. What Could Suzanne Fuller Be Up To?

Actress and comedian Kelly Coffield Park, from In Living Color fame will be joining the Y&R cast soon playing Suzanne Fuller; however, the show has kept details around her storyline under wraps. With social media influencers bombarding Genoa City, could she be wrapped up in something of that nature? Perhaps, Fuller is involved with the Adam or Chelsea storyline. She could be an old Las Vegas friend who has come to town from the past with a secret.

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5. Kevin And Chloe’s Adventures

Chloe is officially alive and well in the land of Genoa City, but not without some scandal. She and hubby Kevin are desperately trying to keep Billy and his mental health issues under wraps, but it will inevitably come back to haunt him, them, and his relationship to Victoria. Until Vicky learns the truth about what he’s dealing with, she may just assume that Billy has turned back to his gambling ways. Could this end Villy’s happily ever after, sooner rather than later?

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4. Momma Bear To The Rescue

It’s no secret that Jill has always been a huge fan of Villy, and according to Y&R spoilers when trouble starts brewing for the couple this month, momma bear will return to town to help support her son. But, just how far will Jill go to help repair Villy’s relationship, and will it help at all in the end? Probably not.

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3. Does Adam Have A Chance?

Y&R spoilers for September suggest that Adam will cause a ton of friction in Nick and Chelsea’s relationship. In fact, she might feel stuck in the middle between the feuding brothers this month. After all, she is with Nick, but she’s also Adam’s ex and the mother of his child. Chelsea has always had a soft spot for Adam, but will she start taking his side in fights? Or maybe try to reason with Nick to ease up on him? Does this mean that Chelsea and Adam may have a chance at a future?

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2. Issues With Connor

Despite the above, Y&R spoilers also indicate that Adam’s darker side will worry Chelsea, especially since he and Connor are getting re-acquainted as father and son. Could Connor start to show darker characteristics in his personality that has his mom concerned? Will she fear that Adam is a terrible influence on his son?

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1. Sharon Pregnant?

Shey fans may be excited at the idea of a reunion, and this could be a strong possibility in September. After all, Y&R spoilers for the month tease that they’ll run into each other a lot in the coming weeks, which will have them questions their feelings for each other. They did make a great couple until Adam barged into town and ruined things. Having said that, she and Adam did share a one-nighter some weeks back. Could a pregnancy shatter any chance Shey has to come together?

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